Pros and Cons of the Golden Bachelor

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Golden bachelor

What are the pros and cons to the Golden Bachelor? You’ll hear what’s good, what’s bad, and what we can learn in this video.

The Golden Bachelor is all the rage, especially if you’re dating in midlife and beyond. What’s the appeal and what’s not working in this new demographic of the popular Bachelor franchise? And what can we apply to dating in real life after 60? That’s what you’ll learn in this video.

Pros and Cons of the Golden Bachelor

Showrunner of the Golden Bachelor, Claire Freeland said:

“This is not an age group that’s necessarily highlighted or celebrated in mainstream media. Women are still vibrant, women are still interested in having a connection or a companion or a relationship, in doing adventurous things and having romance in their lives, even as they get older. … People are still interested in love no matter what age they are.”

I couldn’t agree more! The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, is a 72-year-old widower with a moving love story about his late wife that pulls at our heartstrings. He has a lovely smile, old-fashioned midwestern values, a healthy lifestyle, and a hairline that most men would die for. 

The 22 contestants vying for his love are equally impressive. They look amazing (with a little help from Botox and facelifts). They’ve had careers in education, real estate, finance, cheerleading and competitive aerobics. They come from big and small towns across the United States. Most play pickle ball, and they range in age from 60-75!

3 things I like about the Golden Bachelor

1. It seems to be more authentic than the other Bachelor seasons. These women are not looking to become Instagram influencers. They seem to be in it for love.

2. It’s refreshing to see a show that normalizes and celebrates people over 60 who are seeking a loving partnership. It gives hope to others that it’s never too late to find love, whether you’re dating after loss, divorce, or you’ve never been married before.

3. The series portrays aging in a positive light. These are interesting, active, fun, flirty singles!

3 Things I don’t like about the Golden Bachelor

1. It’s not a realistic portrayal of the average 60-75 year old. From Gerry’s trim body and full head of blond hair to the sexy bodies and wrinkle-free faces of most of the women, this is not how most people this age look or act. I’m afraid there will be many who compare themselves and feel inadequate.

2. Gerry seems to still be having a very hard time grieving his late wife. I’m concerned that he may not be ready or truly open to finding love again.

3. Aggression and manipulation win. I feel bad for the women who are less pushy and aggressive and therefore don’t get a rose. What if you’re a bit on the shy side?

4 things we can apply to dating in real life after 60

If we can take the extreme nature (heavy makeup, over the top dates, clothing we’d never wear on a first date) of the Golden Bachelor reality TV series and make it relevant to real life, I think we can learn a lot about what leads to attraction. 

1. Be memorable. The women who come up with something creative and tasteful made the biggest impression on Gerry. I think we should do the same on a first date, from preparing conversations that are interesting to wearing jewelry or clothing that sparks conversation 

2. Shoot your shot. Even if you’re shy or introverted, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so bring more of yourself to first dates. 

3. Be vulnerable. Share how you feel about the person you’re meeting. Share something personal that you have in common. 

4. Be a great listener. Most women already do this, but Gerry responded most to the woman who got the first impression rose in the first episode. She made eye contact. She smiled. She listened and showed empathy. 

Will Gerry find love again? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I encourage you to look beyond the glitz, sappiness and over the top dates, and see what you can apply to your own love life. You might be surprised!

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