Protect Yourself: 4 Online Dating Safety Tips

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online dating safety tips

Here are 4 online dating safety tips to keep you safe on your search for love. 

Years ago, explaining to friends you were looking for your match on online dating sites was considered a strange and perhaps shameful practice. Yet today, attitudes have changed, and more and more people are looking for love on the Internet. Many services like, OkCupid and eHarmony use complex algorithms to match singles with people who share similar interests.

But how do you know a person’s profile is genuine and whether they’re trustworthy? You likely don’t. Protect yourself from harm with these simple—yet essential—safety tips for online dating.

4 Safety Tips for Online Dating

#1. Inform Yourself

Anyone can write just about anything about themselves, and many people do, especially on online dating sites. That’s why it’s always a good idea to Google the person before you accept a date. This should also give you a sense of their social media activities. If the name you’ve Googled doesn’t yield any results, tread carefully. The person may have given you a false name.

Another way you can inform yourself about a potential date is by conducting background check. While there is a fee to see results about potential activity, it might be worth the cost, as online background checks can yield the type of crime in which someone has been charged.

#2. Protect Your Home

Everyone has heard horror stories of online relationships gone wrong. Why risk yourself and your home when you get involved with someone you don’t know well? Before you invite a date to your house, make sure you know and trust them. Consider installing home security cameras to protect your home. With HD capabilities and night vision, the latest high-tech cameras can be easily installed and connect to your mobile device, so you can keep an eye on your home’s entrances no matter your location.


#3. Scrutinize Your Own Conduct

When you enter the world of online dating, be honest. Communication is key in all relationships, but honesty is even more important when you present yourself in this capacity. Don’t mislead people, and demand honesty in return. The people you meet online will find out who you are if you aren’t honest, and if they feel misled, they may react poorly and endanger you.

Another danger of the online dating world is that the connection you make with someone online leaves a barrier of anonymity and makes it easy for those involved to divulge information they may not have face to face. Since romantic relationships often move faster online, take your time while you get to know the other person. Wait at least a week before arranging a date with them.


#4. Use the Buddy System

When you meet a date in person, meet in a busy public place. Never have your date pick you up or come to your house. Before you leave, inform a friend of where you are going and when you expect you’ll be home. If plans change, keep your buddy informed of your whereabouts.

Are you dating online? It’s one of the best ways to meet people you wouldn’t meet in real life. And, it’s important to stay safe and informed on your journey to true love.

Any safety tips to add? Please share in the comments below.


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