Q & A Wednesday: Can I post THIS in my online profile essay?

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Dear Sandy,

You’ve said to keep online profile essays breezy and fun to convey that you’re light-hearted and undramatic. I think that’s good advice, and I’ve followed suit.

HOWEVER……… I am getting tired of being preachy to the self-absorbed guys who have the gonads to actually state that they are seeking a FWB {friends with benefits} relationship!

Since I want a serious relationship, am I being negative to say, ”If you are seeking FWB, please look at the next profile”?


Dear Jeanie,

Online dating can be very frustrating, especially when you encounter guys who write stupid things, don’t read your profile, and just look at your photos. Unfortunately, that comprises a majority of online daters.

The guys who write that they’re looking for friends with benefits are being honest. Honest and a little shallow. If you’re not interested in that type of relationship, just hit that magic button ~ DELETE.

That’s the beauty of online dating. Besides, that guy is already onto the next one.

So, stop preaching to the guys who don’t care and don’t want to hear what you have to say.

Don’t put negative statements in your profile. Those statements connote what you’re running away from, usually something from past relationships.

Stating that men who want friends with benefits should not contact you is like Saks Fifth Avenue putting out a big sign, “Serious shoppers only”. Anyone is allowed to come in and shop, but only the serious shoppers will purchase, right?

DO put positive and clear statements about what kind of guy you ARE looking for. Eventually, that guy will show up and read your essay. He’ll recognize himself in your words and write to you. And the rest will be history…






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