Q & A Wednesdays: Introduce your BF to your crazy family?

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Dear Sandy,

I want to bring my new guy, Tim, to our family Holiday party. But Auntie Anne is off her rocker. How do I keep my guy from running for the hills?


Dear Laura,

Just how crazy is your family? Aside from your whacky aunt, does Uncle Louie tell dirty jokes? Does Mom drink a few too many? If your family is extra loony, it might be a mistake to expose Tim to the motley crew in such a large dose.

A small cozy non-Holiday dinner with Mom, Dad and the new guy might be a better way to integrate him into the family without the fear of him running in the opposite direction.

Another thing to think about isĀ timing. If you’ve been seeing each other steadily and exclusively for over six months, he is your bonafide boyfriend. It might be time to let him see where you come from.

Go ahead and warn him about your cigar smoking aunt or your brother who says EVERYTHING that’s on his mind. The more info on the family you feed Tim before you go, the better.

And remind your beaux that just because you come from dysfunction, doesn’t mean YOU are dysfunctional. Unless of course, you are. Hey, maybe that’s part of your charm.

In any case, Happy Holidays and remember to have fun.



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