Questions to Ask Before Meeting Your Date During the Pandemic

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date during the pandemic

[NEW VIDEO] How do you stay safe when you date during the pandemic? Ask these important questions BEFORE you meet up.

How do you date during the pandemic? That’s a question we’re still asking 9 months after COVID-19 became a global pandemic. Before that, many of us met our dates on an online dating site or app, and that first date was a crapshoot. Will it lead to a relationship? Or will it be a dead end? During the pandemic, the stakes are higher. You can risk contracting COVID-19 from someone you may never see again.

While it’s not always easy to know how a first date will turn out, we can lower the risk of getting the virus on a date. How? By asking questions in advance. In this video, I share some crucial questions to keep you safe.

Questions to Ask Before Meeting Your Date During the Pandemic

In this video, you’ll learn the most important questions to ask before meeting your date during the pandemic.

Watch the video to dive deeper into each question, and learn why each one gives you crucial information to keep you safer.

  • What did you do last weekend?
  • Are you working from home these days?
  • What precautions are you taking to prevent COVID-19?
  • How many people are you hanging out with in person?
  • What kind of pandemic guidelines do you have in mind for when we meet?
  • What did you do for the holidays?
  • What are you looking for in a relationship?
  • How are you feeling today?

More Tips For Dating Success During the Pandemic:

  • Pandemic dating is about being slow and steady. Be present and enjoy the pace.
  • Use this time to be more picky about what you really want and need in a relationship.
  • This is an opportunity to build trust from the start. So be open and honest and require the same from your dates.
  • Manage your expectations, because dating is different right now.
  • Allow genuine connection to take precedence over physical attraction. Your phone or video chats can lead to a stronger relationship in the long run.
  • Remember, the pandemic won’t last forever. And the connections you make today can lead to an incredible relationship in the future.

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