Recovering After a Bad Breakup

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Today’s blog post is by our guest writer, Jeremy Simms. You can find out more about him and link to his site below. I hope you enjoy a fresh perspective from a man!

You can often feel the sting of a bad breakup long after a relationship is over. Breakups like these can be emotionally draining and leave you dwelling on the problems that led to your split. Fortunately, these bad feelings are temporary and diminish with time. If you find yourself stuck on an ex, there are steps you can take to begin moving forward with your life.

One thing you can do to break out of these negative feelings is to surround yourself with your friends. Friends will support you and give dating advice when you feel like you are able to step back into dating again. Asking your friends for feedback is helpful. Having a nice time with fun people can help reenergize you so you’ll eventually be able to move towards a healthier romantic relationship.

Reinvigorate Your Social Life

One of the most difficult hurdles after a breakup is fixing a broken social life. If you have dated someone for a long time, your social circles often revolve around that person. Reaching out to old friends and family is a great thing to do in times like these. People that you’ve had close relationships with in the past can help you and become the support system that you really need. They can also give you advice when you feel up to dating new people again, especially when you may be emotionally vulnerable and don’t yet trust your own instincts.

As you begin the process of dating again, it may seem intimidating. You might be uncomfortable at first, but try to have fun. If you go out with the intent of just having a good time, this will help you stay relaxed and keep the conversation flowing. It will also remove any stress or high expectations you may put on the date.

What to Talk About

One of the toughest parts of meeting someone new is to finding something exciting to talk about. This can be easy for some people but more difficult for others. If you meet someone through online dating, you can search profiles based on common interests. Talking about a shared hobby can really push a conversation into high gear and you may even find yourself a partner for this activity (whether is is a sport, music, art, etc.).

On the other hand, there are a few things you should avoid talking about when you are on the first few dates with a person:

1) You should steer away from sensitive issues like politics. Unless you both love dishing about politics, this can be a very divisive and explosive topic and can stop a fun date dead in its tracks. If you become more involved, you will have plenty of time to argue politics if that’s your thing.

2) Another subject to avoid is your ex. Bringing up old feelings about an ex boyfriend or girlfriend can stop a date cold. It will make you both uncomfortable and it can be difficult to get the conversation flowing again. Stick to topics like traveling, your hobbies, your family, and how you grew up.

3) Avoid talking about sex before you get to know someone. Talking about sex on a first date can make things uncomfortable fast. You barely know each other, and a sensitive subject like this can be a big turn off.

Today’s guest blogger, Jeremy Simms, runs the website Chat Rooms Online. This site offers dating advice and tips that can help you communicate more easily with the opposite sex.



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