Relationship Secrets to Attract the Love You Want

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This podcast reveals relationship secrets that will help you transform your life and help you attract a healthy loving relationship!

My radio guest, Orion Talmay, is a love coach and an international speaker. She works with successful high achievers and helps them unleash their feminine power and become a magnet for conscious relationships and love. She is the founder of Orion’s Method and the host of the popular podcast Stellar Life. Orion helps women truly love themselves, elevate confidence, ignite their passion, and create a sense of freedom ease and flow. She combines the physical, mental, sensual and spiritual to create an integrated transformation. Orion is a world traveler who has learned from leading luminaries in personal development, health/wellness, spirituality, relationships and sexuality arenas.

Highlights below for episode #283: Relationship Secrets Your Mama Didn’t Tell You!

Relationship Secrets to Attract the Love You Want

What’s Orion’s Method?

After being in an abusive relationship and ending up in a hospital bed, I began to work on my own self-development to heal. I now have the relationship secrets, tools, and emotional depth to help others. It’s my mission to help pull up other women.

Orion’s Method is my method of transformation. 

O—Open your heart

R—Release the past

I—Ignite your passion

O—Own yourself and your feminine power

N—Nourish your body, mind and spirit

Everything begins with healing pain from the past. Using your body as a source of bliss is important. We can have physical blocks that create mental blocks. Use feminine movement to release blocks: belly dancing, pole dancing, tribal dancing. Moving in curvy ways helps move negative emotions.

Another part is connecting to divine love, the universal Google. There’s the illusion that we are alone. When you’re connected to divine love, you feel held, you are connected to the earth and sky. The divine is an experience that you feel. This helps awaken the inner Goddess. Be vulnerable, open, connected to nature. 


Can you share your relationship secrets for self love and confidence?

Take care of yourself first and love yourself first. Don’t wait for a man to tell you he loves you in order to validate your self worth. Tell yourself in the mirror that you love yourself every day. It can be a struggle. Be persistent if it’s hard at first. It will improve that muscle.

Love yourself like you did when you were a baby.

Gratitude is also key. One thing I learned from Harville Hendrix is that before bed, my husband and I say three things we love about each other.

If you’re not in a partnership, give yourself gratitude for how amazing you are.

Write down your victories, moments when you did something great.

Another tip is to accept your emotions. Be present and feel the emotions and then let them go. You learn how to see the bigger picture faster.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Take the right actions to improve your life and attract in the love you want!

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