How to Go On Your Last First Date

A Master Class to Help You Get Out of 
First Date Hell and Into the Relationship of Your Dreams

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5:50 How to make meaningful connections on a date

7:00 How men date differently than we do, and why it’s important to lead with your feminine to attract the masculine man you want

15:40 What a quality man really wants

21:15 Three keys to getting the next date

21:35 How to make an outstanding first impression

27:10 What to wear to dress to impress

32:27 How to mentally prepare for the date

35:48 How to manage your expectations

41:32 How to connect in a woman to man way (leading with your feminine)

48:30 Exercise to reconnect to your feminine, and debrief of what came up for attendees

1:02:40 How to greet a man on a first date and set the first 5 minutes up for success

1:08:00 How to listen on a date

1:15:00 How to connect deeply by creating your Gem Statements™

1:42:00 How to ditch judgment with the Contrary Evidence Finder tool

1:50:00 Make yourself memorable and take it to the next level

1:52:00 Baggage Handling exercise—what to share and how to share

2:00:00 Handling the tough questions asked on dates. Creating your prepared statements

2:12:00 How to use your body language to make the best connection, and how to end a date if you want to see him again.

2:14:31 Who pays on a first date?

2:16:00 How to decide if you want to date him again

2:18:30 How to tell a date if he’s not a good match

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