Self-Love: 3 Tips to Recover From the Holiday Season

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self-loveYou’ve done it. You survived another stress-inducing, hurdle-jumping, catastrophe-avoiding holiday season and came through the other end relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, that “relatively” part may still be bothering you—some tension in the shoulders, a lingering headache, trouble sleeping… maybe you even find yourself short-fused with the ones you love. Odds are, you are still carrying around the stress and frustration of dealing with the holidays and all their chaos. Here are a few time-tested methods for increasing your self-love and help you get the New Year off to a better start.

Self-love Tip #1: Indulge in a Little Comfort Food

This tip seems contrary to the most of the advice being dispensed about food at the beginning of a new year, doesn’t it? That’s the whole point. Take a moment to savor the flavor and texture of something you don’t often enjoy; done sparingly, it can help wipe away the worries of the day. A simple cup of homemade hot chocolate, for instance, is always a favorite, and the kid in you will thank you for it. Just remember that moderation is the key. If you find yourself indulging every day, you may also find yourself paying some pretty severe consequences in the mirror as well.

Self-love Tip #2: A Bit of the Bubbly

The first thing that comes to mind here might be alcohol, but that’s not the bubbly we’re referring to. This one requires a vast amount of water, an enclosed area and some high-powered jets. Take a dip in a hot tub; they are literally designed to help you reduce your stress. If you don’t have a spa in your backyard, check with your friends or find a gym that you can go to. There’s a subtle art to enjoying a hot tub in the winter, however; for starters, limit your time in one to 20 minutes. If you don’t have access to a hot tub, take an end-of-the-day soak in your bath tub.

Self-love Tip #3: Work It Out

Sometimes the best way to work out the stress is to, well, work out. A good run or power workout can help you channel your stress. Or, try yoga; depending on what you are looking to do and what kind of results you seek, one of the many different types of yoga may be just what you need. Bikram and power yoga are used to build muscle and lose weight, Yin yoga focuses more on stretching and meditation, and for those of you looking to add a little adventure to your relaxation, there’s aerial yoga.

Whatever you do, make sure you do something. Holding on to stress can be harmful and is a leading cause of many illnesses and disease in the world. If none of these appeal to you, sometimes it can be as simple as having a conversation with someone. Just make sure you do something to relax and release the stresses and frustrations that can build up over a hectic holiday season.


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