Setting Boundaries During Challenging Times

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setting boundaries

Setting boundaries keeps us safe and sane. In this video, discover my 5-Step process for setting crystal clear boundaries.

Setting boundaries…always important, but especially during the challenging times we’re experiencing right now with the pandemic. In this video presentation I did for Ellevate Women’s Network, I cover some of the boundary challenges you might be dealing with, and how creating boundaries can help you stay safe and sane, no matter what’s going on in your world.

What are boundaries?

All healthy relationships need boundaries to thrive. A good way to think about boundaries is like a velvet rope, the kind they have in theaters. That rope is soft, and it serves to let people in out out. A boundary is an imaginary line that protects what’s important to us from getting lost or abused. Your boundaries tell people how they can treat you – what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Without boundaries, people may mistreat you without even realizing it, because you haven’t set limits about how you expect to be treated.

Boundaries protect our energy, health, emotional safety, and the sacredness of all our relationships.  

When we draw a boundary, it’s not just about protecting ourselves. It also allows other people to get to know who we really are and what’s important to us, and that helps us stay true to ourselves. The practice of setting and upholding our boundaries strengthens our self worth and helps our relationships be drama-free.

Situations for Drawing Boundaries with Others During the Pandemic

My boundaries course co-leader, Theresa Byrne and I came up with a list of challenges people might be facing during the pandemic.

  • People who aren’t complying with social distancing/wearing a mask.
  • Those who constantly complain about their challenges of working from home, etc.
  • Those who dump their anxiety and worry with you.
  • Unsolicited advice about all the ways you’re not safe enough during the pandemic.
  • Family members who aren’t respecting your privacy at home.
  • People who want your time or a favor —right NOW!

5-Step Method for Setting Crystal Clear Boundaries

Watch the video to hear more tips on creating boundaries during these challenging times.

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