Seven Deadly Dating Sins

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I subscribe to a wonderful blog by Seth Godin. Seth’s blog is a series of daily succinct marketing messages. I often see the parallels between marketing and dating. After all, if you’re dating online or offline, your goal should be to show up fully on the first date and make a fabulous first impression. As in marketing, you don’t usually get a second chance. The following seven deadly dating sins are inspired by a recent post by Seth Godin called Seven Marketing Sins.

If you want to increase your success at dating, pay close attention to the following:

7 Deadly Dating Sins 

  1. Impatient. Chances are, you won’t find Mr. Right on your first date. You probably won’t find him in your first month, or maybe even your first year of dating after your divorce. Be patient and be clear about your dating methods. Slow and steady wins the relationship.
  2. Selfish.  If you are selfish, how can you be in a relationship? Men will see you as someone who doesn’t share nicely. NEXT!
  3. Self-absorbed. You can be self-absorbed without being selfish. Whether it’s from an insecurity or nervousness on a first date, work on increasing your self-esteem. If you talk incessantly about yourself and don’t listen to him, you will not be asked out again. Learn to listen. He’ll think you were the best conversationalist!
  4. Deceitful. Character matters more than almost anything else in a relationship. Don’t lie. Period. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose. (That doesn’t mean you get to disclose all on a first or second date either. Keep your darker stuff to yourself until you’re in a relationship).
  5. Inconsistent. This is about trust. People pick up on inconsistencies. So be a straight-shooter.
  6. Angry.  Aren’t you trying to attract someone? Leave your anger at home. Work it out. And don’t bring your exes to the date. He doesn’t want to hear your angry stories.
  7. Jealous. There’s always someone who is doing better than you, has a better relationship than you, makes more money than you. And that’s okay. Let it inspire you to try harder. Don’t bring that green monster of jealousy to your date. It’s a date repellant.

And as Seth Godin says, these are not only dating (marketing) sins, they’re human failings.

“Humility, empathy, generosity, patience and kindness… are a potent alternative.”

So, bring your best self to your date. Rise above any of your shortcomings, smile, laugh, listen, pay attention to his actions and words, and make every date a fun adventure towards finding the ‘one’.

Have a wonderful, love-filled weekend,



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