Sex, Libido, and Desire After Menopause

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libido and desire

My podcast guest, Susan Bratton is a sex expert who talked about how to restore libido and desire after menopause. So many great tips!

My podcast guest, Susan Bratton, spoke about how to maintain libido and desire after menopause. A Sex Advisor to Millions, Susan is the Author of 34 books, a television celebrity, YouTube star, Instagram influencer, and spokesperson and advocate for sexual wellness. She is passionate about lovemaking and bedroom communication skills. Susan is a phenomenon in the world of pleasure and connection. She has appeared in 500 podcasts, speaking engagements, TV appearances, and radio shows.

Check out highlights below for EP 379: Libido and Desire After Menopause With Sex Advisor, Susan Bratton.

Sex, Libido, and Desire After Menopause

What can we do during and after menopause to keep our libido working?

First let’s define the difference between libido, desire and arousal. Think about them as a Venn diagram.

Libido: Body-based feelings of desire. Do you feel horny? Does your body get turned on? We have highs, lows, and mid cycles. When we go through a down-cycle, our libido drops. If your lust for life is not flowing, your libido drops. During yoga class, I felt more connected to my libido.

Desire: Feeling seduced. Surrendering to pleasure. You feel good about yourself and your partner.

Arousal: We are not horny all the time. It’s cyclical for women. How do we find our arousal? It’s in nurturing our sexuality. Moving our bodies; yoga, self-pleasuring, meditation, dancing, walking in nature, engaging all our senses. These help us stay in our desire. It takes intention and attention and awareness.

Let’s talk about sexual regenerative therapy and hormone balancing. What are some things we need to know?

You can do bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Get your hormones checked by your doctor. Not just a regular blood test, but a Dutch test of urine to see if the hormones are getting utilized by your body.

You can also look at how we age and lose tissue, including in our genitals. Men and women have about the same amount of erectile tissue. But, as we age, we feel less pleasure and have a harder time achieving orgasm. Woman can use intra-vaginal devices to improve the muscle structure of the vagina.

There’s also PRP, which is platelet rich plasma from your own blood injected back into the clitoral structure to reconstitute tissue. This stimulates new tissue growth.

For men there’s sound-wave therapy that breaks up plaque and stimulates tissue growth. He can get a shot of PRP into his genitals, which will regrow tissue. Also, a penis pump can help.

How do I communicate my needs to my partner during intimacy?

There can be tension between letting go and surrendering and asking for what you want in a bossy way during intimacy. But, what if you don’t like what a guy is doing, or he’s taking too long, or something else?

We often feel we’re supposed to be ‘ready to go’ like men are, but that’s not how our bodies operate. We need the heat turned up slowly. Ask for what you want in a vulnerable way. Ask for help from your partner. Be specific.

The is an agreement between partners to be able to speak up during sex and intimacy. Grab your free copy!

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