Sexual Health in Midlife

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Jillian BiceYesterday, on Last First Date Radio, I had an important and energetic conversation about sexual health in midlife! Jillian Bice is CEO and Founder of Bloom Enjoy Yourself, a sophisticated online sexual health resource and retailer of luxury sex toys. Bloom’s mission is to change the way women think about and talk about sex. An entrepreneur and registered nurse, Jillian has created a virtual gathering place where women can learn from sexual health experts and, as she says, bloom. She’s curated a collection of luxury adult accessories that are both beautiful and well-engineered. Jillian embodies her company’s mantra: Sexy ~ Healthy ~ Smart. I’ve loosely transcribed highlights of the show. I hope you listen to the episode. Jillian is awesome!

1. What’s your role as facilitator vs. expert?

I bring the experts’ voices to Bloom and the audience to Bloom to learn from these experts.

2. Bloom’s Mission?

I want to change the way women think about and talk about sex!

3. Why is Bloom’s target demographic midlife+ women, and how does this influence the site’s look, tone, and feel?

Many people believe that women in midlife have reduced libido and don’t have much sex anymore. That’s not true. I wanted to bring good information to midlife + women, with sex toys that are beautifully and tastefully packaged.

4. What are the three main components of Bloom Enjoy Yourself?

Sex 101 (learning from expert contributors), News, Tips & Trends (intriguing, titillating, magazine-style), and Shop (curated luxury sex toys).

5. What are your recent launches?

I’m excited about our recent exclusive membership launch of House of Bloom. This is a major part of how we’re building community at Bloom Enjoy Yourself. We also have our recent launch of Ask An Expert -our phone-in sex therapist consultation! She is amazing.

To listen to the episode or download it to listen later, click here. Enjoy yourself!


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