Should You Date Him If You’re Not Attracted to Him?

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not attracted to him

You met a guy and you’re not attracted to him. Should you continue to date him? Watch this video to learn when to stay and when to go.

If you meet a guy and you’re not attracted to him at first glance, should you continue to date him? In this video, I reveal 3 reasons to continue to date him, and two reasons to move on.

Should You Date Him If You’re Not Attracted to Him?

Three reasons to date him

1. Instant attraction is usually a red flag. 

2. The slow build can bring good surprises.

3. You will be more authentic if you’re not as attracted at first.

Two reasons to move on if you’re not attracted to him

1. The connection doesn’t grow after a few dates.

2. You can’t imagine ever kissing him.

While physical attraction is a very important part of a healthy relationship, instant attraction is not the goal, as it’s usually not sustainable.

Attraction is also based on emotional and intellectual connection. When friendship grows and other areas of compatibility are present, it’s possible to fall in love with someone you are not physically attracted to at first.

This is a person who “gets” you. Communication is easy. You laugh together. You’re inspired by him. You learn and teach in the relationship. You admire many of his qualities.

He opens you up to new ideas or different perspectives. Engaging in conversations with him stretches you and helps you grow.

He adds value to your life as you do to his.

When you find someone who stimulates you in these areas, it’s very possible to fall in love with them regardless of their physical appearance. You might even forget that you didn’t find them attractive initially. When you connect in the most important way, physical attraction grows. 

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