Should You Use Dating Apps While On Vacation?

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dating apps while on vacation

Should you use dating apps while on vacation? In this video, you’ll hear my story of a recent trip to California where I met someone special on Bumble.

Should you use dating apps while on vacation? It depends. If you’re open to dating while traveling, you’ll be able to meet new people wherever you go. You could make a new friend, a business connection, or a romantic encounter. Dating while traveling can be fun and exciting. It all depends on your what you’re looking for.

I like dating when I travel, because I get to meet a variety of men from different parts of the world. It find it refreshing and fascinating to see how different men can be from the ones I meet where I live. And because I work remotely, I’d be willing to eventually move for the right man. 

Dating Apps While On Vacation?

I just came back from a two-week vacation in California. While in LA, I decided to go on Bumble, and I immediately connected with a guy who seemed to be a potential match. He was a few years older, good looking, with salt and pepper long hair and nice teeth, a bonus when dating at this age! Most important, our values seemed to align. I loved what he said in his profile about making a difference in the world, as that’s important to me, too.

After exchanging a few messages, we had our first phone conversation, and he was so easy to talk to. We laughed, and we seemed to have a lot in common. While we were talking, he sent me pictures of his two kids and a street sign from Israel with his last name. I thought, “This guy likes to share and opens up easily”. Both of us discussed our intention in dating to find a life partner, and we were both willing to relocate for the right person, so we made a date for that Saturday night.

We walked around a trendy part of LA and had dinner together. He started conversations with everyone we met. I liked that. After dinner, I had a free ticket to an intimate acoustic concert, and we sat across from an adorable young couple. 

Again, the conversation flowed, and I realized how much more fun it was to get to know someone when you do something out-of-the-box with other people, rather than the standard coffee or drink date. 

Since I was leaving the next day for San Francisco and Sonoma Valley with my daughter, we agreed to meet when I returned the following Monday.

Date Number Two

For our second date, he asked where I’d like to go, and I said the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, because it’s walking distance from my daughter’s apartment, and I wanted to see the exhibits. He brought a picnic that he’d prepared, complete bottles of water and seltzer. I liked how much care he put into preparing the food in small containers, and that he checked beforehand to see if I had any food restrictions.

After our picnic, I asked if he had purchased tickets to the museum, because I had read online that due to COVID restrictions, all tickets had to be purchased online in advance. He said, “No, let’s just go with the flow.”

I’m happy to go with the flow, but we had met at the museum for a reason. Well, I was still having fun, so we walked around the La Brea tar pits, and then to a cute coffee shop for cappuccinos. As we sipped our coffee, I told him I was leaving in two days. Do we continue to get to know each other from 3,000 miles away, and how might that pan out? 

Listen to the video to find out what happened next…

Have you ever used dating apps while on vacation? Share your story below!

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