Signs You’re Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Man

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emotionally unavailable man

If you’ve ever dated an emotionally unavailable man, watch this video. Learn 7 signs of emotional unavailability so you can quickly move on.

How many times have you dated a man, only to learn he was emotionally unavailable for a relationship?

Watch this video to learn seven signs that will help you QUICKLY identify whether he is available or not, so you can move on to find a man who’s ready for a relationship.

7 Signs You’re Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Man

  1. You feel like a last minute option, not a priority.
  2. Complains about or still attached to past relationships.
  3. He tells you he’s not available for a relationship right now.
  4. You feel great when you’re together, but anxious when you’re apart.
  5. Doesn’t show emotion or empathy. 
  6. He disengages from you by:
    • Working long hours
    • Drinking too much
    • Spending a long time away from you
    • Avoiding difficult conversations
    • Keeping secrets
  7. Doesn’t escalate the relationship. 

6 Ways to Attract an Emotionally Available Man

1. Make sure YOU’RE emotionally available.

2. Know what you absolutely must have and what your deal-breakers are.

3. Set clear boundaries with men (and everyone else in your life).

4. Speak up from the very start.

5. Get curious about him instead of making assumptions.

6. Be ruthlessly picky about the RIGHT things, and let all the small stuff go.

This is what I teach in my group and private coaching. When you learn to really love yourself first, know that you have tremendous self-worth, and believe that you need a man who’s going to treat you like the woman of value you already are, you will attract in a man who cherishes you.

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