Singles: 5 Keys for Staying Happy During the Holidays

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It can be tough to be single at this time of year. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 keys for staying happy during the holidays!

You’re single. It’s the Holiday season. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and New Years can be a tough time to be single. Many singles feel that the key to happiness lies in finding the man or woman of your dreams. Especially when so many people seem to be happily coupled, it can seem difficult to feel happy. And TV commercials that paint a Norman Rockwell Holiday experience make it even worse. It doesn’t have to be so challenging. If you’re single and having a tough time this Holiday season, I’m going to 5 keys for staying happy during the holidays.

In order to attract the man of your dreams, you need to be happy with yourself. Yes, I know that sounds like a big old cliché. But it happens to be a simple truth. To be happier, refocus your life by considering the following key steps:

5 Keys for Staying Happy During the Holidays

KEY #1: Stop looking for happiness outside yourself

Perhaps you are attracted to happy people and wonder why they get to be so lucky? Why is their life so much better than yours? Why do they have more money, more balanced kids, more supportive parents, healthier relationships, better friends, (just fill in the blank)? The truth: everyone has their share of sh%^*t.  It’s how they deal with it that matters. You get to choose how to deal with your stuff. And you get to choose where to focus your attention.

Exercise: Take a moment to focus on appreciating what you have, not what you don’t have. Comparison is a happiness killer. It might help to keep a daily gratitude list. I like to take a few minutes before going to sleep to write down the parts of my day I am celebrating. Will you try that?


KEY #2: Less talk, more action and focus

What you say to yourself and others doesn’t matter as much as what you do. It’s your focus, or lack of it, that counts. What do you focus on every day? The focus of your life should be consistent with your priorities. Do you focus every day on your happiness? Are your actions consistent with your focus? If you are happier, you will be more likely to attract a healthy partner.

Every time you find yourself focusing on judgment, negativity, or feeling less than someone else, STOP. Take a breath. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now?” Then bring your attention to what you’d like to be feeling. Put your focus there, and you’ll make a choice to live a more empowered life, knowing you can change your focus at any time.


KEY #3: Live happiness right now

Happiness exists only in the now. The best way to begin your discovery of true happiness is to stop looking for it. Happiness is not a discovery; it is already in you, waiting to be unveiled. To be truly happy is to unblock the shields to your happiness, uncover the joy within, and share that with others. You will be a magnet for positive people and attract a wonderful mate.


KEY #4: Beam your happiness onto a man you like

When you give a man your undivided attention and smile, it makes him feel special. Your aura of happiness will rub off. You will become irresistible, because you are giving to another. Sharing joy is sexy!


Key #5: Get rid of negative energy 

Get rid of all the energy vampires in your life. Drop resentments and assumptions. Focus on your personal happiness NOW. If you want a happy life and a joyous relationship, share the happiness that is within yourself, and do it right now. Do it with clarity and focus.

As Ghandi so eloquently said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Change your inner state of happiness, and you attract more goodness into your life.

How are you staying happy during the Holidays? Please share your comments below.

Wishing you a joyous Holiday season!


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