"Without authentic communication, there are no honest relationships." 

- Sandy Weiner, Relationship Coach

Do you have trouble speaking up when:

  • Asking for support
  • Setting a boundary with anyone 
  • Resolving conflict at work
  • Standing up to people in power
  • Being truthful when feelings are hurt

How many times have you been afraid to SPEAK UP? Maybe you said 'yes' when you really wanted to say 'no'... 

When your feelings were hurt, did you say nothing; afraid you might appear too emotional or sensitive? 

How often did you say, "I'm fine", when you were far from being okay? 

Maybe you stuffed your feelings, trying to be cool and not too pushy...that is, until you couldn't take it anymore...and then you exploded! That's not speaking up for yourself -- that's reactive anger -- and as a woman of value, you deserve more...much more.

There's a far more effective way to communicate and be heard. When you know how to speak up with confidence and grace, you not only feel empowered, you *are* empowered! 

Why? Because you're standing in alignment with your truth. And people will respect you for it. (And, if they don't, they're not your people!) 

If I know you, you're smart, dynamic and ambitious...but there are those times when you lose sleep over what to say. Or, you think of the PERFECT response...SIX DAYS LATER. (Sigh.)

You don't have to search, fumble and doubt your exact right words---that's why I'm here.

I'll show you how to be a woman who

SPEAKS UP in the most powerful way.

Sandy Weiner, CEO Last First Date

I'm Sandy Weiner, and as a relationship and empowerment coach, my superpower is helping women courageously speak up and be heard


“Thank you so much for my session! It was amazing and validated a lot for me. I'm dealing with a very passive/aggressive parent, and it's a daily challenge, because we live under the same roof.

My session with you helped me figure out how to better handle the conversations with her and my siblings. Thanks for helping me learn how to speak up and set my boundaries.”

Kimberly Washington

What if you didn't have to lose sleep over what to say when something was bothering you?

What if you didn't have to waste precious time searching for the exact words to say? 

People who learn my SPEAK UP METHOD are able to have difficult conversations every day, no matter what.

I will help you clarify the core issue and expertly coach you AND develop a script for that difficult conversation. (Don't worry; you'll sound like yourself -- only more confident and connected!)

Imagine the peace-of-mind you'll have and the additional confidence you'll be able to exhibit once you know how to SPEAK UP in your own unique way. It's going to be a GAME-CHANGER.


"I want to THANK YOU for your expertise, wisdom and understanding.

I feel like a different person - lighter and happier.  I talked with my boyfriend yesterday, and my heart and soul felt free!  It was the act of stating my truth and being curious that was so incredibly powerful!"

Lisa - Montana

Your SPEAK UP Session Includes:

  • Expert coaching
  • Script for your challenging conversation  
  • Recording and notes emailed to you 
  • Peace-of-mind!

This 1/2-hour Speak Up session is for 

gaining clarity about a difficult situation. 

You'll receive a Dynamic Script to Help you Speak Up More Powerfully.

Price: Was $297

Now 1/2 Price: Only $150!

* If you have ANY questions about the SPEAK UP SESSION, email me at sandy@lastfirstdate.com


“Thank you for such a wonderful speak up session. You have great insight and you're laser sharp! 

Communication is an area where I struggle, especially with my boss, and today's session was so helpful.”

Maritza Oregon

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