Stay Cozy on Date Night: 4 Tips for a Winter Romance

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date nightWhen it’s cold outside, all you want to do is come home on a Friday night after a long day at work, put on your favorite pair of warm flannel pajamas, get a bowl of piping hot stew and binge watch your favorite TV show on Netflix. When you are in a new relationship, however, acting like a couch potato on date night is about as exciting (and romantic) as watching a bear hibernate through the winter. Just because it’s subarctic outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t orchestrate a smokin’ hot winter date with the new man in your life. Get off the couch, and turn off the TV. It’s time to get creative.

1. Get a Dose of Culture

Winter is the perfect time to indulge in some culture. Sure, finding the motivation to bundle up and go outside in the middle of winter is a lot like finding the inspiration to go to the gym, but once you get out, you’ll not only feel better for it, your sweetheart will be overjoyed. Use a resource like to find play tickets for you and your sweetheart on-the-fly.

2. Get Physical, Then Relax

It’s winter, so why not get outside and enjoy some winter sports? Whether you visit the local ice-skating rink or take a weekend ski or snowboarding trip to a rustic resort in the mountains, either will be a great reason to take advantage of your looming winter. If you want to fan that romantic spark, there’s nothing like sipping a glass of wine with your man in a deliciously warm hot tub after a day on the slopes.

There’s no need to leave the house in this scenario, however. Shovel off any snow on your patio, and fire up those hot tub jets. Make the night extra special with elixirs, an underwater light show and mood crystals from sites like

3. Have a Staycation

Similar to a staycation, the popular dating site eHarmony suggests that you play tourist in your own town. This can include anything from signing up for a local tour to spending a night at a nearby hotel. It can also include things like experiencing trivia night at a local bar, taking a dance class, visiting a comedy club, or whatever else you can think of! If you’re stuck for ideas, Groupon offers unique experiences at discounted prices in your area.

4. Bring Back Summer

Beat the winter blues by bringing the summer to you, and host a party. However, don’t throw just any party, but a tropical-themed soiree. Turn your house or apartment into a beachfront Tiki bar, complete with colored lights, beach balls, inflatable palm trees, reggae music and a refrigerator packed with Corona. Go the extra mile and crank up the heat to give the place a real tropical feel.

Today’s guest post is by Jack Reilly, a certified life coach who blogs about relationships, wellness and the power of positive thinking.


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