Stop Blaming Others For Your Dating Problems

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Have you blamed your exes for the problems in your past relationships? How about your parents for being poor role models for you? Or maybe they had such a great relationship, you felt the bar was set too high and you’d never reach that level of love. Whatever you’ve been telling yourself about why you’ve had problems finding a lasting loving relationship, if you’ve put the blame on others, you’re missing the mark. While I’m not saying that your ex was an innocent party in the deterioration of your relationship, the most important place to look for the answers to your love problems is YOU. If you stop blaming others and look at what you can do differently, your love life will shift for the better. This is such a powerful realization, and I didn’t always understand it.

In this video by Wayne Dyer, he beautifully articulates the importance of  how your perspective can change how you experience anything. In my opinion, what it all boils down to is taking full responsibility for your share in any relationship. Enjoy!




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