Stop Choosing the Wrong Men and Trying to Make Them into the Right One!

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Choosing the Wrong Men

Have you been guilty of choosing the wrong men and hoping they’ll become the right one for you? Watch this video to learn how to choose the right man!

One of the biggest challenges in dating is knowing how to choose the right partner for you. What I’ve seen women do over and over in my ten years as a life and dating coach, is choosing the wrong man, and then trying and make him into the right one. That never works. I’ve certainly done the same thing. But, then I learned how to choose the right man…from the very start. In this video, I show you how.

How to Stop Choosing the Wrong Men

What’s the key to choosing the right man?

Step number one = know yourself.

Know what you need to make you happy, and make sure you ‘fill your cup’ first. In other words, don’t expect a partner to ‘complete’ you.


Step number two = know your must-haves.

Understand what you need to have a healthy relationship. Most people get this wrong. Or they know what they need, and they ignore a red flag or two.


Step number three = do NOT ignore deal breakers!

One deal breaker makes every single good quality null and void. For example, if he is financially responsible and handsome, but he doesn’t respect you, walk away.


No amount of coaxing or explaining can get a man to change his character. Walk away from the wrong men, so you can create the space for a good man to come into your life.

Have you stayed too long in the wrong relationship, hoping he’d change and become the right man for you? Let me know in the comments.




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  1. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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