Stuck in Overwhelm

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I like to think of myself as an optimist, a go getter with tons of energy. Until I take on too much and my plates topple over. That’s what happened this week. I have been busy designing my new date coaching website, interviewing web designers, writing web copy, researching, choosing a new domain name and tag line. I have been preparing for my spa appearance at the New Age Health Spa from May 31 through June 2, where I’ll be presenting three lectures/workshops and private sessions. I’ve been working on a new product to sell at the spa, taking an online course, and parenting my three children. I agreed to host about 25 guests for Friday night dinner. I’ve been writing weekly personal essays for my memoir writing class, teaching bat mitzvah lessons, and of course, coaching my wonderful clients. Shew!!As I type my crazy week’s schedule and see it in print, I am amazed at all that I took on. And yes, I am responsible for each of the choices I made to pile more on my plate. I just had no idea that I was piling on so much. So, what to do when I am in overwhelm?

One invaluable tool that has helped is something I learned from the fabulous online class I had been taking for the past three weeks. Think It, Create It, Sell It, taught by Kim DeYoung, a dynamic entrepreneur who gives so much quality information on creating information products. I took my biggest projects, namely my website and the CD product I am creating, and labeled two 81/2 X 11 papers with those titles. I wrote all the to-do’s on sticky notes and tacked them to the papers. As I completed each task, I pulled off or checked off the sticky note. Having a visual of my plans was so helpful. It served to de-clutter my brain, and the stress was lightened exponentially as I saw all that I was actually accomplishing.

Another thing that worked for me is something I have trouble doing: I asked for help from a few close friends. One night, when I felt like nothing was going right, and the weather had been rainy, dark and cold for several days, I called on my girlfriends. It felt great to get support, and the reality check was helpful, too. It doesn’t hurt to be cheered on for what is working in my life, either. That’s the part I forget when life gets tough.

So, here I am, back in the saddle again, full speed ahead. And learning to say a magic word that I sometimes forget: No. Sorry, that won’t work in my life right now. I have too much going on. I feel better already!


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