Substance Misuse and Victims of Domestic Violence

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domestic violenceToday’s guest post is by Amy, a writer for Steps to Recovery, a site that helps victims of domestic violence. It is my passion to help women over 40 make safe and healthy choices in dating and relationships. If you’ve ever been in an abusive relationship -verbally, emotionally, or physically – please read this article. If you know anyone who’s been abused, please share this post.

Although intimate partner violence is more likely to begin before the age of 35, with CDC figures showing this is the case for more than 90% of women, physical, sexual or psychological assaults can affect women of any age. Alcohol and drug use in partners is frequently implicated in violent attacks against women, but it is important to appreciate that a problem with substance misuse can also place you at greater risk of serious abuse within a relationship, and that suffering from abuse is a potential trigger for alcohol and drug dependency.

Substance Misuse and Victims of Domestic Violence

As Steps to Recovery explains, drinking heavily or abusing drugs can place you in a situation where you are more vulnerable to an attack from a partner, as the effects of these substances can reduce your awareness, impair your judgment and make you more passive to an attack. Substance dependency is a chronic health problem and victims of domestic abuse who suffer from problems with alcohol or drug abuse are never to blame for the situation they find themselves in with regards to domestic violence. However, seeking specialist help with a drink or drug habit early on can reduce the likelihood that you will become a victim at the hands of a partner.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in an abusive relationship, the pain and stress this can bring with it may necessitate prescription drugs to ease your suffering. The likes of tranquilizers and sedatives are highly addictive though, so while you have a genuine reason to use these drugs, it is easy to become dependent upon them, particularly if you have been severely traumatized by events and do not have a strong support network in place. If you have concerns that you are reliant on prescription medication, specialist treatment programs are available that can offer you the support you need to break your habit, but also to offer help with your domestic situation, both past and present.

Steps to Recovery discusses further the benefits of these holistic programs, which put you in a better position to address both issues.

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