Be the Chooser in Dating

Ready to be the chooser in dating? Read about how you can become an empowered dater, the one who chooses instead of saying, ‘pick me, pick me!’

be the chooser in dating

I subscribe to a great blog from Seth Godin, a very successful marketing and branding coach. He speaks volumes in very few words. I often see parallels between dating and business advice. Yesterday’s blog was particularly resonant. Here’s the blog, Beggars can’t be choosers, in its entirety:

If you’d rather be a chooser, enter a market or a transaction where you have something to trade, something of value, something to offer that’s difficult to get everywhere else. 

If all you have is the desire to get picked, that’s not sufficient.

Seth’s excellent business advice on being the chooser inspired me to write about this topic in relation to dating. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, just like Seth does : )

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