How to Discover if a Man Wants a Relationship

man wants a relationship

Are you confused about how to find out if a man wants a relationship? In this video, I share how to become a private investigator as you date to find love.

How do you know if a man wants a relationship or if he’s a player? Most women either end up interrogating a man on a first date…or they say nothing at all and wait for things to unfold.

Those strategies don’t work. In this video, I teach you how to find out if he shares your relationship goals by doing something you may not have thought of.

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How to Know if He’s the One

he's the one

Have you spent too much time with the wrong man? Are you confused about whether to stay or go? Check out these 5 surefire ways to know if he’s the one!

You’re dating a guy for six months, a year, two years. He’s handsome, kind, and he says he loves you. But…you’re not sure if he’s the one. He hasn’t introduced you to his family yet. He hasn’t worked in a few months. He’s always tired. You’re a Democrat and he’s a Republican. You’re a vegan, and he’s a carnivore. You take good care of your health, and he’s a couch potato. Which of these are deal breakers, and which are things you can work out?

In today’s video, I reveal five signs that he’s the one. 

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How to Deliberately Attract Your Soul Mate

attract your soul mate

Are you dating with clarity and focus? My radio guest, Love Coach Dina Robison, shared useful tips on how to deliberately attract your soul mate.

My radio guest, Dina Robison is a Deliberate Love Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Yoga and Meditation instructor. She inspires women to deliberately attract your soul mate and love you truly desire. Joyfully married, Dina has two beautiful daughters and lives in Sunnyvale, California.

You can listen to the show via the player at the bottom of the post. And check out highlights below for episode #286: How to Deliberately Attract Your Soul Mate with Love Coach, Dina Robison.

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Warning: You May Be Dismissing Quality Men

Searching for quality men? Here are three ways to discover if he is a player, a boring nice guy or a hidden gem; aka a quality man.

Today’s post is written by JamesD’Souza, a happily married nice guy who finally figured out how to be noticed and loved for the quality man he always was.


Women spend a lot of time complaining about men. Even the tone and title of blog posts seem to reflect a general frustration women have with men:

“Five Devastating Reasons Quality Men Disappear”

“Why Are Guys Head Over Heels for Me at First But Lose Interest After a Few Weeks?”

“How Do I Stop Wasting Time With Men Who Aren’t Good for Me?”

“What to Do When You’re Dating a Guy Who’s Afraid of Commitment?”


Is every woman who’s looking to meet a great guy only meeting men who behave like this? I know we’re not all bad because my friends and I are not.

From what I’ve seen on many dating sites for women, men are commitment-phobic players. I know those headlines are written to entice readers, and they wouldn’t be attractive if there wasn’t an element of truth. But, what if there’s another view? Could it be that the more extreme behaviour of some men ruins it for the quality men?

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5 Ways to Take Control of Your Relationship (Without Being Controlling)

Take Control of Your Relationship

Can you really take control of your relationship without being controlling? Absolutely. And here are 5 ways to get started.

Most of us want to have some degree of control in our relationships. It can make us feel a sense of order, of being on top of things. But, when does this need for control turn into manipulation? What’s the tipping point when you begin to push your partner away? And, is it possible to be in control without being controlling?

Absolutely! All it takes is to stop trying to control people, experiences, and situations. We can have the right balance of control if we learn to be in control of ourselves instead of others. 

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