How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your Partner

difficult conversations

If you’re like most people, you shy away from having difficult conversations with your partner. In this video, learn my 4-step method for speaking up!

Do you shy away from having difficult conversations in dating and relationships? If having a root canal sounds like a more pleasant alternative than speaking up about sex, money, or any other challenging topic, today’s video is for you!

Here’s the thing…most people have never been taught HOW to have a difficult conversation. That’s why it’s so scary.

Well, that changes today!

Because if you’re going to have a difficult conversation, you need to prepare. Preparation helps you feel confident and empowered. And, if you’ve prepared well, the conversation will be less stressful, and you’ll be far less afraid to speak up the next time.

I share a few tips on how to prepare for the conversation, and then you’ll hear my highly effective 4-step method for having difficult conversations when you’re dating or in a relationship.

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[PODCAST] The Power of Being Present in Relationships

Being Present

[PODCAST] One of the most important aspects of being in a relationship is being present. We communicate so much by listening and being open.

After completing her social work studies in Vienna, my podcast guest, Doris Schachenhofer, worked with children, homeless people, delinquent teenagers and prisoners transitioning back into the real world. In 2014, she became an Access Consciousness® facilitator. Today she travels the world supporting people to be more of themselves. The classes she delivers in both live and online settings including Right Voice for You, Being You, Conscious Parents and Conscious Kids. 

Doris joined me on Last First Date Radio for a deep dive into the power of being present in relationships. Listen to episode 363: How to Be Present and Gain Greater Power in Communication

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How to Understand and Emotionally Connect With Men

Emotionally Connect With Men

Women often misunderstand men. My podcast guest, Jordan Gray, shared ways for women to emotionally connect with men. So much depth and wisdom shared!

My podcast guest, Jordan Gray, is a #1 Amazon best-selling author, blogger, and sex and relationship coach with a decade of practice behind him. His work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Psychology Today, Business Insider, Forbes, and countless other publications around the globe. He has made it his life’s mission to make thriving relationships attainable to everyone.

Check out highlights below for episode #338: Jordan Gray on How to Emotionally Connect With Men.

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The Power of Influence in Dating

power of influenceBrad Harker is an author, speaker, influence expert, adjunct professor, and consultant. His creativity and passion for problem solving has fueled a robust entrepreneurial background that includes the creation of several companies and more than a quarter-billion dollars in sales.

Brad’s published book, The Laws of Influence – Mastering the Art of Sales, Leadership, and Change has become the platform of his consulting company, Brad actively consults with professionals and organizations in the disciplines of sales, leadership, and influence. 

Brad lives in St. George, Utah, with his wife and three children. Learn more at

Brad joined me on Last First Date Radio to discuss the power of influence in dating. Following are loosely transcribed highlights of our interview.

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She Couldn’t Express Hurt Feelings to Her Boyfriend

express hurt feelings My client, Ellen (not her real name), told me about a relationship she had with Sam when she was in her twenties. After three months, he asked her to join him on a road trip across America.

She was excited! She loved many things about him. He was smart, funny, and the attraction was HOT. A few weeks later, they set out on the road, taking turns driving for hours at a time. On day three, the radio broke. (This was in the 80’s, before you could plug an iPod or phone into your sounds system). It was Ellen’s turn to drive. Sam pulled out a book and began to read.

He was preparing for a big work project.

“Sam, I know you want to study for your project, but I’m bored. It’s too quiet in the car. Please talk to me,” she said. But Sam just grunted and went back to his book.

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