The Number One Key to Finding True Love


Love is attainable to all who seek it. Here’s the #1 key to finding true love. Can you guess what it is?

Judith Costa is an Unconditional Love Coach, Seminar Leader and Speaker, with a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Psychotherapy. She helps people overcome their inner blocks to love in order to find true love. She uses different techniques such as Coaching, the Akashic Records, Past Life Regression, Astrology, and Dream Interpretation. She has been researching about Soul Mates for more than 15 years, and her work involves teachings about what is a real Soul Mate connection, how to improve Self-Love, and how to manifest the kind of relationship all of us want. Judith offer workshops and retreats around the world.

I loved our interview on Last First Date Radio. Judith and I are very much aligned in our mission to help people fall in love with themselves before seeking a partner. Highlights of the show below…

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The Number One Secret to the Most Intimate Relationships

Dr. Ciaramicoli shares valuable tips on how to improve your empathy so you can create the most intimate relationships—in love, life, and work.

How do you build the most intimate relationships? The key ingredient is empathy. My radio guest, Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, EdD, PhD, is the author of The Stress Solution: Using Empathy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Develop Resilience. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and the chief medical officer of, a popular mental health platform. He has been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and chief psychologist of Metrowest Medical Center.

Dr. Ciaramicoli shared valuable tips on how to improve your empathy so you can create the most intimate relationships—in love, life, and work. Highlights from the show below.

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Break Through to the Relationship of Your Dreams

relationship of your dreams

It’s important to bust myths about love if you want to break through to the relationship of your dreams. Here’s how…

Want to finally have the relationship of your dreams? Stop believing all the myths about love, like ‘Happily Ever After’. My radio guests, Linda Bloom, LCSW, and Charlie Bloom, MSW, regularly teach at Esalen Institute and the Kripalu Center. They have served as adjunct faculty at institutes of higher learning including UC Berkeley Extension, and California Institute for Integral Studies. They live in Santa Cruz, CA. Their website is

I spoke to Linda and Charlie Bloom about the top 40 myths about love, and why it’s important to bust them if you want to break through to the relationship of your dreams. Highlights of the episode below.

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Breaking The Legacy of Divorce

legacy of divorce

Learn to break the legacy of divorce with practical tips and wonderful stories of hope and lasting love.

I interviewed licensed therapist and author, Terry Gaspard, on Last First Date Radio about Breaking the Legacy of Divorce. Terry is a licensed therapist who specializes in divorce, children, and families, as well as a nonfiction writer and college instructor. She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post Divorce,, and

Terry wrote her new book “Daughters of Divorce” after watching many of her female patients struggle with the distinct emotional challenges from their parents’ divorce – and after experiencing it herself. It’s a guide to help daughters of any age overcome the legacy of divorce, so they can establish healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationships. “Daughters of Divorce” can be ordered on her website

Following are highlights of our radio interview.

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The Secrets to a Deep, Loving Relationship

loving relationship

Lance Secretan shares the secrets to his deep loving relationship so you can attract and create a love like theirs.

Lance Secretan is renowned worldwide as a prolific author of best-selling books on leadership, and as an advisor, coach, and mentor to leaders. He holds a masters degree from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He is the 1999 recipient of the International Caring Award from the Caring Institute.

Lance is an expert skier, kayaker, mountain biker, and avid trail hiker. He divides his time between homes in Ontario and Colorado.

I was honored to interview Lance on Last First Date Radio about his beautiful new book, A Love Story: An Intensely Personal Memoir about his 30-year marriage with his wife, Tricia, who passed away two years ago. You can find highlights of the show below.  

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