Building Strong Relationships In Spite of Our Differences

building strong relationships

My podcast guest, James L. Creighton, shares practical tips for building strong relationships in spite of seeing the world through different realities.

My podcast guest, James L. Creighton, PhD, is the author of Loving through Our Differences and several other books. He has worked with couples and conducted communications training for nearly 50 years around the world.

Check out the show notes below for Episode 346: Building Strong Relationships in Spite of Our Differences.

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Cultural Differences in Dating

cultural differences in datingAs a host on my radio show, I have interviewed matchmakers who work with Asian, Indian or Greek populations, and there are many cultural differences in dating in those countries. What surprised me was the Swedish culture. Here’s an excerpt from an article about an American woman dating a Swedish man in Sweden. She was so exasperated by what happened on the first date, she consulted with Swedish dating consultant, Marie Hagberg. She wanted to know whether this man’s behavior was typical for the Swedish culture. I was fascinated by her account of how Swedish men behave on dates. What do you think?

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