When a Man Says, “I Need Time”, Do This!

I need time

In this video, I share 4 tips for how you can manage your emotions when he says, “I need time”. This will make a man WANT to come back to you.

We all dread that moment when a man says, “I need time”. What do you do? Give him time, AND set some limits.

In this video, I address some important questions to ask yourself when he wants to take time, and what you can do to stay empowered during that break, so you don’t let anxiety sabotage your relationship.

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The Challenge of Speaking Up in Dating

speak your truth in dating

Speaking up in dating is challenging, especially when feelings are hurt. Find out what this woman wished she could have done differently with her rude date.


I’m sharing something I read on Facebook. The woman who wrote it is a successful entrepreneur who went on a date that ended terribly. She regrets that she didn’t have the courage to speak up and let this man know that it wasn’t okay to do what he did. It’s a great illustration of the challenge of speaking up in dating, even on the very first date…

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8 Tips: How to Express Your Needs Without Feeling Needy

express your needs without feeling needyYou have a choice: express your needs to your love partner or listen to nails scratching on a chalkboard? To many people, the latter seems more appealing. It doesn’t have to feel so painful, scary, or risky to express the things that are most important to you in your relationships. When a need has been stepped on, it’s crucial to be able to talk about it. But it’s something that most people either avoid or do in a way that’s disconnecting. Compassionate communication is a skill I’ve been studying for almost ten years. Well, actually, it’s something I’ve worked on my entire adult life. But in the past ten years, I’ve learned how to courageously express my needs while staying open and connected. Following are 8 tips to help you learn to express your needs without feeling needy.

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