Bald Fat Man Seeking Bikini Babe – Why dating is unfair to women

Dating is Unfair to Women

Dating is unfair to women, right? Why do balding overweight uninteresting men seek hot babes? It’s time to get to the bottom of this frustrating situation!

Dear Sandy,

Why is dating unfair to women? Why do men feel it’s ok to be balding, have a beer belly and few interests, but expect you to be bikini ready with lots of interests? Is it just where I live? Are men less superficial in places other than Dallas? I have been on so many meet and greets to find the man shorter and heavier than his profile. My profile photos are accurate within one year and 10 pounds! And you’d think from their reaction I had used photos that were 20 years old and had gained 50 pounds!

Daisy in Dallas

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