Are You Afraid to Date Again?

afraid to dateMany of my clients were married to men who treated them like crap. They stayed married for decades to cheaters, liars, men who put them down, or hit them, or didn’t provide for them in any way – emotionally or financially. They stayed in their marriage for many reasons; the well-being of the kids, financial fears and low self-esteem, to name a few. Some had given up hope, thinking that as bad as their marriages were, their friends’ marriages were not much better. Maybe this was as good as it gets?

Often, their husbands initiated the divorce. I am always surprised when a client tells me that she would have stayed. As horrible as it was, as unsafe as she felt in the marriage, she would have preferred staying. Some think they could have changed their husband. ‘If only I just said or did x, he would have come around’. And now, most are afraid to date again. 

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