6 Best Ways To Repair Trust After Divorce

repair trust after divorceToday’s post was written by my friend and colleague, Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW. Terry has been a guest on my radio show, Beat the Odds: Successful Second Marriages. I think you’ll enjoy her well-thought out comprehensive article on how to repair trust after divorce.

Rebuilding trust is one of the biggest challenges that individuals face after divorce. Experiencing the breakup of your marriage can intensify trust issues. Because of your past experience, you might approach relationships warily and come to expect the worst. It may seem at times as if you’re wired to recreate the past. However, with courage and persistence, you can learn to trust again and restore your faith in love.

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My first date: a series of 7 unfortunate events!

first dateIt was a first date from hell, but it didn’t have to be. ‘David’ (not his real name) made his first mistake on the phone. We had exchanged a few emails on an online dating site. He called me and left a voice message. I called him back the next day… and he had no idea who I was. “Sandy? Refresh my memory. What’s your screen name?” Really? He had just called the day before. Couldn’t he keep his women straight? That was his first bad move. “What, are you in contact with twenty women and you’re waiting for them all to call you back?” “Something like that”, he replied. That made me feel very special!

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Tips for Building Positive Relationships

leah careyIt was great fun to interview Leah Carey on Last First Date Radio last week. Leah is a transformational author, speaker, and life coach. Far from being born a natural optimist, she spent over two decades struggling with chronic depression. Having finally found her way to mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, she now blogs at The Miracle Journal (www.TheMiracleJournal.com) about the large and small things that are RIGHT in her life. She help others to look for what’s RIGHT in their lives through coaching and public speaking. She shared many great tips for building positive relationships on our show. I’ve loosely transcribed highlights of the show so you can get the gist of what we covered. Enjoy!

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Learning to Trust Your Intuition When Dating

intuition in datingYour intuition is probably the best indicator you have as to whether a date is a good or bad fit. Intuition tells you if someone is dangerous or just not a right for you. If you turn up the volume on your intuition from the very first email or phone call, you’ll be able to quickly choose whom to pursue and whom to throw back into the dating pool. How do you learn to trust your intuition when dating?

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Are You Settling in Relationships?

dating questionDear Sandy,

I am a 28-year-old guy in the midst of a dating dilemma. About three months ago, I was introduced to a 21-year-old girl. Prior to this girl, I was only dating girls in their mid-twenties. When the matchmaker suggested a girl this young, my immediate concern was that she might be too young for me. I didn’t want to be settling in my relationships, but we went out anyway and really hit it off. We continued to date and enjoy the time we spend together. She is nice, pretty and possesses fine qualities.

This girl, although very sweet and fun to be around, seems naive to certain things and somewhat immature.

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