How to Spot a Scammer Online

how to spot an online scammerI never thought it would happen to me. The dating coach, the one who helps women stay safe online, almost fell for a romance scammer on JDate. He was handsome (only it wasn’t his real photo, as I later found out), had a sad sweet story, and what can I say ~ I’m a sucker for a widower. And that’s exactly why scammers use that as a cover. Luckily, I got wise to his devious ways pretty quickly. But there were many others before me who weren’t as lucky.

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Identifying a Liar (and attracting truth tellers) in Dating

As a dating coach, I get a lot of questions about how to identify a liar. Some liars are easy to identify. Especially when they are not so skilled at lying. Their fake stories contradict, their online profile has data that doesn’t line up. But others are more difficult to identify. Many liars are quite charming, and women (and men) can be sucked in and dissuaded by their charisma. How do you identify a skilled liar and save yourself from heartache in a relationship?

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5 Dating Lessons from “To Rome With Love”

Rome ~ an enchanting city with its ancient ruins, beautiful gardens, and the possibility of romance around every corner. At least that’s the way Rome is portrayed in this summer’s blockbuster movie, To Rome With Love. Once again, Woody Allen has woven together a comedic tale of misunderstandings, unmet dreams, love  and possibilities. Most of all, this is a story of love and how perspective can change everything.

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Q & A Wednesday: To be exclusive or not, that is the question!

Dear Sandy,

I’m in my late fifties, and I find it hard to meet men online that I want to date more than once. I’ve been out on four dates with ‘Johnny’. I like him enough to continue getting to know him, but not enough to be exclusive. After our last date, Johnny told me he wanted to be exclusive with me. When is the ‘right’ time to let him know that I’m not yet ready for that kind of relationship with him? I want to keep my options open. What’s the best way to tell him? I don’t want to hurt his feelings.


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9 Keys to Getting from Your First Date to Engaged

I got a Facebook message last night that made my heart do a little dance; ‘Pearl’ is engaged after an 11-month courtship! When she first contacted me about a year ago, she was concerned about an upcoming blind date. She had not dated anyone in several months, and was nervous about a few things. There was the combined pressure of wanting to please her friends who had arranged the setup, and the nervousness of jumping back into dating after a short hiatus. What follows is a Facebook conversation we had a year ago about how she went from her first date to engaged – in less than a year.

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