Kirstie Alley is Ready to Date After Weight Loss

date after weight lossAnyone who’s followed Kirstie Alley over the past few decades has seen her gain and lose weight many times. We’re talking hundreds of pounds. Over and over again.  And each time she goes up or down on the scale, it’s all over the news. I just read an article about her most recent weight loss in and feel compelled to weigh in (pun intended). Why? Because it’s about how she’s ready to date after weight loss. I’m not here to judge Ms. Alley for gaining and losing 50 pounds. That’s her private struggle, and she already has enough paparazzi who measure every step she takes and every morsel she eats. She certainly doesn’t need a dating coach to pass judgment on her. That’s not the focus of this article. What compelled me to write is that she decided to date again after losing 50 pounds. That’s a topic I know many readers can relate to. 

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