She Wants to Know: Does He Love Me?

does he love meDear Sandy,

I have a question about a man I know. He has flirted with me, stares at me across the room, looks me up and down, stares at my face, lingers around me, asks trivial questions, says my name all the time, gets nervous and blushes around me, big smiles, jokes around. But one day he mentioned his girlfriend. It was forced and not related to the conversation. Since then, he has been intentionally rude to me, ignores me and glares at me – yet continues to stare at me across the room and try and get my attention. What is his deal? Does he love me or hate me? Thank you for your time.


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He is Coming on Too Strong!

he is coming on too strongDear Sandy,

I had three date with a very nice and kind man. How do I tell him to slow down and don’t get so excited so fast that “this is it”? I’ve never had this happen before! He is very, very sweet. I am a PDA person, yet he is coming on too strong for me.

This coming weekend, he is taking me to a very nice restaurant on Saturday night.  ARGH.  I am happy to go. We have had fun on our last three dates, but I do not know how to get his expectations in check. What should I do?



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On The Prowl For Good Men? Try This…

good menI am honored to have another article on the YourTango home page this past week. Are you wondering where are all the good men are? The answer is everywhere! But if you’re doing this, you might be turning them off…

Three girlfriends go to a bar to pick up some good men. They spent hours putting on makeup, picking out just the right outfit (a perfect blend of sexy/conservative, so they don’t look desperate or too sexual), fixing their hair, and finally slapping on a pair of heels. Time to hit the scene!

They are doing everything they can to meet an elegible bachelor, right? But alas, they are not successful. Those three gorgeous women leave together at the end of the night without any men by their side. “There are no good men!” they lament on their way home. Has this ever happened to you?

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Date Someone on the Same Wavelength

happy marriageMichele-Marie Roberts is a single mother with two young autistic sons. After feeling frustrated with her inability to find men to date who were understanding of her often challenging life and willing to be flexible and tolerant of her situation, Roberts began WAVELENGTHdating, a dating website where people in circumstances like hers could date someone on the same wavelength. She began it in the UK, but has now established a U.S. version of the site. Note: Roberts recently became engaged to a man she met on! Following are a few loosely transcribed highlights of our radio interview this week. 

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Should I Get Back Together With My Ex?

reunite with exHi Sandy,

I’m really struggling here. My ex and I went out for 2 years, it didn’t get serious until about a year or more in. Last year, he dumped me about 9 times. Every time we had a disagreement or argument (caused by him), he would end it saying it’s not working and I deserve better and he didn’t want to hurt me. Then he would come back apologizing profusely, saying he didn’t want to lose me. Finally in June this year, when we were due to move in together, he left our hotel room when I was in the shower and flew home. He later contacted me, saying he would always love me but felt he was too young (he’s 24, I’m 28). 

He got back in touch 4 months later begging to see me again. I got back with him for about 6 weeks before he dumped me by text over a really stupid disagreement. He texted again saying sorry, none of it was my fault. He knows he’s got a problem, he’ll always have a special place for me in his heart and head, that he knows he’ll never find anyone as beautiful, special, kind, caring again, goodbye and wishes me the best in life. 

I worry he’ll be back in touch again. I love him so much and he told me he wanted to be with me forever. We had made all these plans. 

Do I forget all about him? Or do I get back together with my ex and try again?



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