Am I too Picky About Men?

too picky about menDear Sandy,

I’ve been lurking on to see what’s out there, and I have to say, I am thoroughly unimpressed and often kind of put off.  I wonder if I’m too picky about men online. Most men have horrible photos, can’t write anything substantive, are looking for someone to run/bike/do marathons with, want someone 10 years younger, and try to impress with cars/motorcycles, baseball hats and photos of them in sleeveless t-shirts with the guys.  Ugh!

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Dating After Divorce With Grace

dating after divorceI had a great time on my Spreecast interview with Keri Kettle today. We talked about the mistakes and hurdles women make when dating after divorce. Men make many of these mistakes, too. I talk about the simple steps you can take to turn those mistakes around and find love. If you missed the interview, you can catch the replay here. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Find the Love of Your Life in Midlife

find love in midlife‘Sharon’ (not her real name) thought her thirty-five year marriage was going along just fine when her husband suddenly asked for a divorce. She was blindsided. Their relationship was far from perfect, but she had made peace with their differences. She was in it for life. When she found out he was having an affair, she felt foolish and angry. “How dare he leave me for another woman? And why didn’t I see this coming?”

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Date Someone on the Same Wavelength

happy marriageMichele-Marie Roberts is a single mother with two young autistic sons. After feeling frustrated with her inability to find men to date who were understanding of her often challenging life and willing to be flexible and tolerant of her situation, Roberts began WAVELENGTHdating, a dating website where people in circumstances like hers could date someone on the same wavelength. She began it in the UK, but has now established a U.S. version of the site. Note: Roberts recently became engaged to a man she met on! Following are a few loosely transcribed highlights of our radio interview this week. 

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Older Men Dating Much Younger Women

older man younger womanDear Sandy,

Why do so many gentleman nearing the age of 60 write in their dating profiles that they want someone to have children with? Everyone is entitled to want & dream of anything they want, but I don’t understand why men that age are looking for children of their own? Aren’t they too old? They would be 80 when their kids are in college! Why on earth are older men dating much younger women? How can they possibly have much in common with each other?


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