How Do You Know He’s a Romance Scammer?

romance scammerMany people say online dating doesn’t work. They say it’s a scary way to meet people, and they’d rather meet singles in real life. My questions is, how’s that working for them? Probably not so well. Because in real life, if you’re over 40, you probably meet very few singles. That’s why online dating is such a wonderful tool for finding love. It gives you access to people you’d never meet in real life. Most of those people are safe. But every so often, you’ll come across someone who isn’t. This guy is a romance scammer.

What’s a romance scammer and how do you spot them? Many years ago, when I first started dating online, a romance scammer contacted me. There were many red flags from the outset. I wrote an article about that experience here. Today, I spotted another┬áscammer (that’s his photo) and immediately reported him to JDate. He’s been removed from the site. Here’s how I knew he was a scammer…

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