Recovering Addicts: Self-Disclosure in Dating

self-disclosureThis guest post was written by recovering addict, Mel Black. I thought it was an important topic to cover, as many people who date are in recovery. Timing is everything in dating, especially when disclosing the more difficult things about ourselves. I hope you enjoy this article. Please leave a comment and let me know if this is something you’ve dealt with.

For someone in recovery for an addiction, there are many challenges to overcome. Going through withdrawal, recovering physical and mental health, and above all, staying clean, are difficult processes, and recovery is more a work in progress than a discrete event. During all of this, there’s one aspect that often gets pushed aside in favor of more immediate problems, but for a former addict who’s in the process of rebuilding their life, this particular issue comes into sharp focus pretty quickly. The problem of self-disclosure about addiction and recovery, how to tell othersĀ and when to tell them, is something that all recovering addicts will eventually wrestle with.

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