Help, I’m Dating a Widower!

dating a widower

Is it a good idea to be dating a widower? Or will he always be comparing you to his late wife? 

Dear Sandy,

I am 62-years-old, and back in 2012 when I briefly joined eHarmony, I met a widower. I did NOT know exactly how to handle him. I learned a great deal and hung in there, but it was quite different. Fast forward to last summer when I joined eHarmony again and voila—I met another widower. I went straight to my minister, who said I would be alright dating a man who has been widowed for approximately a year. (There are some widowers who get on dating sites after three or six months.)
Just last week when I revisited eHarmony, I met another widower who lost his wife 14 months ago after a grueling illness. We briefly interacted, and he seems interested, but says that he is only seeking companionship, not even thinking of marriage. He also said that he wanted to know if I would consider moving (he is four hours away from where I live), because he loves his beautiful home that he and his wife built many years ago. YIKES….

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Why Does He Still Have His Profile Up?

why does he have his profile upHi Sandy,

I’ve been dating a widower since July. We’ve been exclusive since August. He loved his wife very much and this relationship has grown one step at a time. He has tried to walk away from me 3 times but came back. He still has a profile. He told me he is absolutely not looking to date anyone. He just likes the attention. It is a sore subject.  We fought about it and I let it go.

We are together every weekend, and he has a very demanding job. I know he’s not dating anyone else. If we’re exclusive, why does he have his profile up?


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