Tangled Up In Love

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My two daughters dragged me out on Thanksgiving evening to see the newest Disney movie, Tangled ~ in 3D no less. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my girls, but at ages 22 and 16, a Disney movie is not our usual mode of entertainment. Okay, I have to admit, I am a kid at heart, and I was pretty excited to see Tangled in 3D! What I didn’t expect was that I would learn some important lessons about love.

For any of you who don’t already know the story line of Tangled, it is based on the classic fable of Rapunzel. You all probably know the story; baby girl is born to a king and queen. Baby is snatched away from parents by an evil witch and forced to live in a tower. She grows her hair several hundred feet long and throws it down as a pulley system for evil witch. Prince Charming rescues her and saves the day.

This movie told the same basic story with a twist. Rapunzel’s hair has magic powers. When you sing a special song, the hair glows and takes you back in time. The witch is obsessed with staying young, and she has found the fountain of youth in Rapunzel’s golden hair. This is why she must keep her locked away in a tower forever.

Flinn, the dashing hero of Tangled, is a bandit who has just stolen the royal crown from the castle, Rapunzel’s crown. Dark, handsome, rugged Flinn and delicate, multi-talented, smart, beautiful Rapunzel, end up falling in love of course. I won’t give away any of the juicy details. I want to focus on the psychological aspects of this love affair.

First, it’s important to note that the evil witch, who poses as Rapunzel’s mother, keeps Rapunzel safely locked in the tower through a series of mind-twisting things that she says to her ‘daughter’. She convinces Rapunzel that life outside is unsafe. People are essentially evil and ‘mama’ will provide all that her ‘daughter’ needs.

To me, the evil witch represents the saboteur that lives within us all. This is the part of us that wants to keep us ‘safe’ by preventing us from becoming our highest self. Of course, in rising to this core place in our lives, we must take risks. We need to be open to change, to getting hurt. This is the key to opening our hearts and finding our truth, whatever that may be ~ our true life purpose, our true soul mate. In order to find these truths, we must tame the saboteur within. In the story of Rapunzel, she must conquer the witch in order to find the truth she is seeking and be free of the shackles that have kept her small in life.

Towards the end of the story, Flinn has been mortally wounded. Rapunzel is caught between using her golden magical hair to heal his wounds and escaping death by the hands of the evil witch. Flinn makes the decision for her and cuts off her golden hair in order to save her life, even if it means ending his own life. He shows his true giving nature in that moment, and proves himself to be the man he has masked his entire life.

I won’t give away the ending ~ I encourage you to see the movie and find out for yourself. The important point I want to emphasize about the scene above is to be true to yourself, love yourself, and you will be open to find true love. When your true essence comes through, when you have done the work to reveal your highest self, when you love someone with your whole heart and focus on what’s really important in a relationship, life becomes that much more beautiful. Miracles are possible.

I do believe in happy endings, and I am no Pollyana. I am talking about the happy endings that come with hard work to reveal your truest self. What do you think?


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