Client Success

I didn’t like him at first. I didn’t like anyone. I was so dead inside from a bad marriage and a two year long nasty divorce. For three years while I online dated, many men got a first date but no one got a second. If I didn’t feel a spark on the first date, I cut them off. I didn’t feel a spark for anyone though.

After my therapist suggested I was asexual, I did not want to accept that. I found Sandy’s podcast and Facebook page. I decided to invest in coaching. Soon after we stated working together, I went on a first date with CJ. I told Sandy I didn’t feel anything, but she suggested I go on a second date. I sucked it up and did it, but I felt like I was just going through the motions.
He was not who I would normally date. Blue collared smoker with a past. I wrote him off. I kept dating him just to prove Sandy wrong. But he planned a beautiful fourth date and brought a small ceramic cupcake full of small flowers. He knew a big bouquet would freak me out. After a wonderful 4th date and some wine/liquid courage, I fell hard.
I continued coaching with Sandy and worked on myself. I didn’t think anyone would love me and my kids age 9 and 13 at the time.
A year-and-a-half later, on a cruise with all of our families and my kids, he proposed and I said yes! I’m so glad I gave him a chance and had my last first date!

– Cara, Florida

I am now in a wonderful relationship with a really good man.

“I wanted to finally break my pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men, and I was overwhelmed and intimidated by online dating. That’s why I hired Sandy—to help me date online with increased self-love, dating and communication skills, and confidence. Sandy wrote an excellent profile that captured the real me, selected the best pictures, and most importantly, showed me that online dating could be a positive and fun experience.

I gained the confidence to be my true self when communicating with and meeting men. I am now in a wonderful relationship with a really good man. I believe he’s in my life, because Sandy helped me step out of my comfort zone, speak up as a woman of value, and attract a man with the qualities I want and need in a relationship. Thank you Sandy!”

Leslie B., Portland, OR

I changed my dating patterns and now show up more authentically on dates.

“I recommend Sandy for anyone who wants to gain more confidence in themselves and attract better dates. She created a dating profile that captured who I really am and who I’m searching for. Sandy helped me identify my true “Must- Haves” and “Deal Breakers” so I could navigate the dating apps with greater success. A former pleaser who lost myself in relationships, I changed my dating patterns and now show up more authentically on dates. All in all, with my newfound confidence in myself and in dating, I know I’ll meet the love of my life! Thank you, Sandy!”

– Megan W, Chicago

While doing the program, I met my boyfriend!

While it wasn’t an easy decision for me financially, I am happy to share that I have no regrets signing up for coaching with Sandy. She’s not afraid to go to hard places with her clients. Her comprehensive and customizable dating program helped me gain valuable insight to what was blocking me from finding the right man for me. I was able to learn to better manage and reduce my relationship anxiety and improve my ability to communicate my needs. While doing the program, I met my boyfriend. It’s still a new relationship, but he’s wonderful and I think he’s here to stay! Thanks Sandy for all that you did for me!

– Jenn, New Jersey

Thank you Sandy, for all you do for women to set them free.

“I hired Sandy after getting dumped. I kept getting into the same type of relationships and I wanted something better. Sandy helped me find a new confidence in myself. I now realize I am smart and pretty and brave and capable and just as deserving of good things as anyone else.

Thanks to the work we did, I moved to Chicago to be closer to my kids, and I got a new job making 30% more! Sandy helped me through each step and taught me that you cannot always control everything, so deal with one thing you can control, then the next, then the next.  My gratitude journal is always full because I am so very blessed!  The next thing on my vision board is a great and healthy relationship, which I know – just like everything else on that board, is coming soon! I cannot thank you enough for the way you have changed my life.  Everyone around me sees the confidence and overall happiness I now have! Thank you Sandy, for all you do for women to set them free.

– G.C., Chicago

“I came to Sandy having completed years and years of work on myself- therapy, numerous courses on dating and love, workshops, tons of books – I felt that I had tried every methodology out there. But somehow deep down I kept hitting the same wall and always came up short in my love life-a continual pain point I couldn’t seem to stop bumping up against. I knew there was still something going on and I had an inkling that I was co-dependent, but I did not know how to heal myself.

Sandy helped me really understand my own version of co-dependence- how it was showing up in my life and what to do to heal. The biggest ah-ha was finding out I was functioning from a place of disconnect- I had been making choices and taking actions with no regard for myself- I was entirely other focused instead of self-focused. Of course that does not feel good! So I learned to notice when my boundaries were getting stepped on and how to communicate this to others. This is a tricky process because for me much of it had been unconscious. Having continual guidance along the journey is vital.

Additionally- really exploring and getting clarity around my values and how to look for these while dating is vital.

I no longer date men who are not right for me- I do not force myself to accept dates with men I’m not interested in. I take good care of myself and I am happier deep down. I make healthy choices in my day to day life. I feel comfortable having conversations with people wherever I go and I enjoy flirting.

I know I will be able to share my heart with my partner; I feel capable of giving and receiving love.

– Lori

A light inside has been turned on and I’m sharing the real me with the world!

“I’m so excited to see what is next for me but don’t have the feeling I need to grab at straws, or men, just to complete my life. I now have the confidence to reach out to others, whether it be male, female, young, old, and share their sorrows and joys.

It’s easy for me to talk with strangers or dates without judging either myself or them. I’m not pining away for someone to rescue me from myself, but sharing myself with others.

A light inside has been turned on and I’m sharing the real me with the world! Thank you, Sandy, for being who you are and giving your gifts to those in need!”

Maureen B., Washington

You can read more about Maureen’s story here.

If you are lucky enough to work with Sandy, you’ll learn essential life and love skills as your self-worth increases, and you’ll relate to men in a whole new way.

“At 78, I never thought I would use a dating coach, let alone go online to find companionship. But I very much wanted to have relationships with men again after being alone for 8 years after my divorce. Sandy was very sensitive to my trepidations and listened with genuine empathy. A true professional, she expressed what she feels is absolutely essential to successfully navigating dating: being a woman of value.

I needed to increase my self-love, with the knowledge that a man would be fortunate to have me in his life, not only the other way around. Through specific exercises and visualizations Sandy helped me to internalize this in a way that made a difference.  

I began to attract men in a way I never had before and to relate to them as myself. Sandy is solid not only as a professional, but trustworthy as a human being. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll learn essential life and love skills as your self-worth increases, and you’ll relate to men in a whole new way.”

– Susan, Manhattan, New York

“I came to Sandy devastated and heartbroken after a messy divorce and a failed 18-month relationship with someone I thought I would marry. I had lost myself. Through Sandy’s coaching, I won back the self-love, dignity and self-respect I had abandoned so long ago. I was able to clearly articulate what was important to seek in my mate and not settle for anything less.

My turning point came when I was able to tell from early on the telltale signs of a dysfunctional relationship. I let that man go with dignity. I was never able to do this for myself before being coached by Sandy! I met the greatest guy and we’ve been together for two years. Sandy, you changed my life!!”

Debbie D. Rye, NY

“I grew up with an unhappy mother who put me down regularly, which resulted in very low self esteem, in spite of my business success.  However, at age 68, after two divorces, I was still determined to find a life partner. I liked Sandy’s approach, and I learned many important things:  how to communicate with men and speak up with kindness right away,  and how to set clear boundaries. I developed my 5 “must-haves” which helped me walk away quickly if a man didn’t have all of them. Sandy’s Love Life Makeover Coaching Program helped me fine-tune my dating and relationship skills. Everything I learned (communicating, boundaries, must-have’s and recognizing my gremlins) I use in my everyday life now.  I know I will recognize a quality man and be a woman of value for him.”

– Anne, Colorado
Jane pollakSandy was a positive, gentle and knowledgeable guide through the murky waters of post-divorce dating. She helped me laugh, and when necessary, lifted my chin back up and not take any of it too seriously. I highly recommend Sandy for her tenderness and compassion along with her positive modeling of the process of dating after divorce.”

[UPDATE: Jane met an incredible man online shortly after we began working together.]

Jane Pollak, Certified coach, author, speaker and lifestyle entrepreneur at

I now have such clarity and come from a position of strength, insight and confidence about life, love and all relationships.

After my last relationship ended, I wondered why I was in this place again. I invested in coaching with Sandy to learn, grow and evolve into my best self. I gained insight about my must-haves in a partner, what makes me truly happy, and how to succeed in authentically connecting with men. Sandy is a special person with great intellect, skill, and most of all compassion to assist you in peeling away the layers to help you become your very best, which is critical to your future happiness and truly finding LOVE!

I now have such clarity and come from a position of strength, insight and confidence about life, love and all relationships. I’m happy to report that I’m in the best relationship of my life!

Lisa M., Connecticut

Sandy helped me understand how to be more discerning about who I let into my life by setting boundaries early and often in relationships–of all kinds, not just those with new men. As a consequence, I am more highly attuned to recognizing warning signs and more confident in setting the boundaries I need to be true to myself.”

– Violet, California

“When I hired Sandy, the challenges I was facing were lack of boundaries in relationships and overcompensating and doing too much for the men in my life. That behavior was drawing the wrong type of men to me. The users could smell it!.

I cannot say enough about the benefits of working with Sandy. I am a very confident and happy woman now. I have good boundaries and have learned to speak up for myself in a loving but firm way. I am also very clear on what it is I want and need in a relationship going forward. I am attracting high quality men who value me. I now know myself and love myself….that is the best feeling in the world! Thank you, Sandy from the bottom of my heart!!!!!”

– Patti, Texas

“As a recently divorced mother of three, the idea of plunging back into the dating scene seemed insurmountable. Sandy convinced me to try online dating and then proceeded to hold my hand and walk me through the process. She helped me choose a dating site, set up my profile, and worked with me on my profile essays. I could not have come this far (or had any dates) without her intervention. Sandy listened, understood me, and was truly empathetic. It takes time to find the right man, and I had Sandy to help me persevere. I found the love of my life we got married! Thank you, Sandy!”

Shani S, Connecticut

“I highly recommend Sandy Weiner. Her insights helped me be more open, clarify and expand my expectations, cast a wider net, and learn how to write and respond with feelings versus just words. This is professional guidance from someone who understands the challenges of our current dating environment. Sandy provides a series of practical tools and constructive conversations to better appreciate our self-image and the messages we send.

She tweaks and tailors to attract who we want in our lives. Clever and compassionate, I find myself quoting Sandy frequently. One of my favorites is, “Avoid {being guarded and} dating backwards. Be soft on the outside and strong on the inside to attract a good man.” The pool of gentlemen responding to me and asking for a first date has increased and improved dramatically. Sandy, I promise to invite you to my wedding!”

JCJ, California

“Sandy has stunning insight into people and their processes. She connects the dots in ways that are creative and brilliant. I highly recommend her as a coach.”

Becky P, Princeton, New Jersey

I’m celebrating how much more aware I am of my perspectives on dating and my ability to adapt a more positive approach. I’m feeling more confident in thinking that I am valuable/important. The ability to instantly “check” myself about the perspective through which I see things was a direct result of our work, and I’m very thankful for that. This is a skill I want to continue using for the rest of my days. I think it will permeate into all other parts of my life, not just dating. I felt that you really cared about me and wanted me to reach my goals. All in all, you were a great cheerleader and coach.”

Stephanie, New York City, NY

“ Throughout my 23-year marriage, my career title had been wife, mother and “domestic engineer” of three children and a chihuahua. As a woman starting over after divorce, I had no idea where to start. After putting everyone else first for so many years, I had lost my way. I began with a call to Sandy. As my Life Coach, Sandy has put me on the path to beginning my next chapter. With Sandy’s help, I explored my true talents and interests, identified my priorities and set new goals. She taught me to celebrate my accomplishments, no matter how small. I learned to honor my needs by speaking up when feelings are hurt and setting clear boundaries in order to have healthy relationships with everyone in my life. Sandy is a great coach who is able to read between the lines and focus on what’s important to help her clients grow and achieve their goals. Thank you Sandy, for helping me reconnect to the self I lost along the way.

Lynn, Ohio

“When I first contacted Sandy 18 months ago, I was in such a state of panic: My boyfriend of five years had broken up with me, because he said he needed his space. I was heartbroken and scared of being alone. I could not understand why he was leaving me  I was so good to him! After all, I was accommodating all his needs and forgetting mine. How could he leave me?

I had been married for 20 years to a man who was a mamma’s boy, selfish, and demanding. I often felt like I was his mother. After my divorce, I was determined to find a man who would give of himself and treat me like a woman of value. But until I worked with Sandy, I did not know my value. I had  never put myself first! I am an accomplished businesswoman, and people tell  me I’m a real catch. But I could not see it.

Sandy and I worked together, and I read books she recommended. Sandy was always there for me. When my boyfriend came back, I happily got back together with a new understanding of his needs and how to express mine. After a year, I realized I was no longer in love with him, and I ended the relationship.

I truly feel good about myself. I have stayed friendly with my boyfriend but I am not in love with him any longer. In fact, I do not have a boyfriend now, and for the first time in my life, I feel liberated! I have a full life; my business, my girlfriends, travel, a wonderful family. If I want a relationship, in the future, you will be the first person I call!

Sandy, you changed my life! Thank you  for being there for me when I needed reassurance and feeling that someone loved me. Today I know I am a woman of value!

Louise, Canada

 “I had been dating online for about two years (since my last divorce), and had met quite a lot of men, and I didn’t understand why I was still single. I began working with Sandy Weiner to help me find love. Together, we worked on three key areas of my life:  Getting rid of my limiting beliefs, increasing my self-worth, and gaining clarity on what I wanted and needed in a relationship. This deep work helped me attract my high quality man. He is exactly what I asked for! We have been having a wonderful time together. We went on several trips and have plans to travel the world together. Thank you Sandy for helping me find the love I deserved.”

Jasmine, California

“I was missing a positive attitude toward dating before my work with Sandy. Dating had been on my ‘to do’ list for many years, but not at the forefront for many reasons. I was feeling intimidated about the process, and I was afraid of putting myself out there. I was concerned about who would ask ME out with so many later-in-life singles out there. With Sandy’s help, my attitude took a 180 as she walked me through the process, helped with my profile, and explained that what I was experiencing was completely normal. The ‘ah ha’ moment came in understanding that I needed to put effort into the process in order to reap the benefits; that it’s really more of a numbers game; that online dating is not the only game in town; and that it’s not personal! So things have turned around. And I’m happy to say things are moving forward in a positive direction. My life and attitude are much more open as I’ve welcomed dating as part of my life! Thank you Sandy!”

Peggy, CT