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Jane Pollak

Sandy was a positive, gentle and knowledgeable guide through the murky waters of post-divorce dating. She helped me laugh, and when necessary, lifted my chin back up and not take any of it too seriously.

I highly recommend Sandy for her tenderness and compassion along with her positive modeling of the process of dating after divorce.​

[UPDATE: Jane met the most amazing man online shortly after we began working together. They’ve been together for four years now. This is the most authentic, loving relationship of her life!]

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No Thanks, I'm Happy With My Love Life

SusanManhattan, New York

At 78, I never thought I would use a dating coach, let alone go online to find companionship. But I very much wanted to have relationships with men again after being alone for 8 years after my divorce. Sandy was very sensitive to my trepidations and listened with genuine empathy. A true professional, she expressed what she feels is absolutely essential to successfully navigating dating: being a woman of value.

​I needed to increase my self-love, with the knowledge that a man would be fortunate to have me in his life, not only the other way around. Through specific exercises and visualizations Sandy helped me to internalize this in a way that made a difference.

​I began to attract men in a way I never had before and to relate to them as myself. Sandy is solid not only as a professional, but trustworthy as a human being. If you are lucky enough to work with her, you’ll learn essential life and love skills as your self-worth increases, and you’ll relate to men in a whole new way.

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No Thanks, I'm Happy With My Love Life