The #1 Key to Being Heard and Understood by Men

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understood by men


I love talking about how men and women can improve their communication, and that’s why I hosted a ‘Blab’ show about the #1 key to being heard and understood by men. My co-host, Ken Bechtel, is an expert in the field of relationships and effective communication. He studied with Alison Armstrong, renowned expert on understanding men, so he knows his stuff!

Following are highlights of what we covered:

The #1 Key to Being Heard and Understood by Men

  • How to talk so he can hear you.  Ladies, men aren’t ignoring you. They’re single task focused, so you need to get their attention first. If they say they can’t listen now, he’s doing you a favor. Find out why.
  • The best ways to listen to the opposite sex. Listen to understand. Stop talking. Create the space for a man to step up. Check in to be sure he’s done speaking. Learn why you need to lean back, not lean in.
  • Why hinting doesn’t work and never will. Men will not pursue something that doesn’t feel like it will work. It’s also not an efficient use of their energy. Women love when a man gets the hint and buys them something or does something romantic. Find out why hinting backfires.
  • The difference between having needs and being needy. It’s important to express your own needs and feelings in a relationship. Needs are not needy, they are essential. What is needy? We reveal in the video.
  • How to get men to love listening to your detail laden stories. Learn how to set a man up so he can hear your stories and track what you’re trying to say, even if you’re off topic!
  • The difference between compliments from men and women. Women great each other with compliments, validating, and it creates safety. Guys say, “Hey, asshole” because they don’t have the need for connection to feel safe. When he compliments, he really means it. It’s sincere. Accept it or he’ll stop.
  • “I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”.  Words don’t mean the same to both men and women. Learn what a man really means when he says, “ I care for you”.

Please watch the video replay below. And share any a-ha’s in the comments below.


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