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The #1 Key to Online Dating Success - Last First Date | Last First Date

The #1 Key to Online Dating Success

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online dating success


This video by me and my friend and colleague, Bobbi Palmer, will help you have online dating success.

Do you know what the number one key is to online dating success? Is it a lack of good prospects, too many liars, scammers, and low-functioning people? Sure, there’s some icky and scary stuff online. But there are the same amount of turnoffs and crazies and bad matches in real life.

Online dating is the best way for you to meet your match. But it only works if you do it effectively. In this video of my most recent ‘blab’ with Bobbi Palmer, CEO of DateLikeaGrownup.com, we shared some hot tips to help you find love online this year. 

The #1 Key to Online Dating Success

Here’s what we spoke about:

  1. The #1 Key to Online Dating Success is…knowing that it can be a challenging experience AND knowing you’re in charge (really!)
  2. Online dating is the best tool to help you connect with men that you’d otherwise never have a chance to meet. We explain how you don’t use it to get to know men…that’s what dating is for.
  3. Yes, there are scary, loser guys out there, but you don’t have to play with them…it’s your choice. We explain how you can take charge of recognizing and walking away from the scary/loser guys.
  4. There is no such thing as online rejection. We talk about the difference between perceived rejection and real rejection, and what you can do to stay optimistic and not take ‘rejection’ personally.
  5. Showing kindness to yourself and the men you connect with will ensure you enjoy your experience.
  6. Have realistic expectations, by staying in the moment and not expecting men to act like you would. We go into details about the differences between men and women and why it’s important for you to understand men.
  7. You need to manage your emotions when dating online. We discuss the importance of managing how you respond to men online. Every time you communicate, you have an opportunity to do it with grace and dignity.
  8. Rinse and repeat!

Here’s the video. Please leave a comment below and let me know your biggest aha or takeaway.

The #1 Key to Online Dating Success


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