The 10 Commandments of Finding Your Soul Mate

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The ten commandments of finding your soul mate

1. Thou shalt not waste time worrying about how you’re going to find your soul mate.

(I know that when we are both truly ready for each other, we will find each other.)

2. Thou shalt not try to change yourself to be what you think a man wants you to be.

(I know that with the right man, I will be accepted for ME.)

3. Thou shalt not hold onto men who don’t honor or respect you.

(I know that I deserve more than crumbs, and that by refusing to settle for anything less than what I deserve, I will finally get it right.)

4. Thou shalt not lose yourself for a man.

(I know that no guy, no matter how amazing or wonderful he seems, is worth losing myself for.)

5. Thou shalt not be scared of being alone.

(I know that it’s in being alone that I learn to love and know myself best.)

6. Thou shalt not be scared that someone else is going to find him first.

(I know that scarcity is a lie. There’s always enough of everything if I believe it.)

7. Thou shalt not be worried that you don’t have what it takes to attract Mr. Right.

(I know that everyone has the capability to attract the right man. Learning self love and better dating skills helps me to attract the ‘one’.)

8. Thou shalt not wonder if you are worthy of Mr. Right.

(I know that I have tremendous self-worth, and the right man will appreciate and value me as I value myself.)

9. Thou shalt not think that finding him (and keeping him) is about using some magical formula, or playing games, or any other manipulative tactic.

(I know that it’s about being real, honest, and authentic)

10. Thou shalt not worry that your dream of finding lasting love with your soul mate won’t come true.

(I know that dreams really do come true, even for me, no matter where I’ve been, what I’ve done, or what I’ve been through).

Believe in finding your soul mate. It’s not about whether he exists, it’s about you. It’s about loving yourself even more, getting out and doing the things you enjoy, and living your best life.

It’s about making every effort to meet men, to be open and clear and communicate authentically from your heart.

It’s about letting go of trying to force a man to fall in love with you. It’s learning to  relax into the dating journey.

And it’s in doing those things that one day, somehow, somewhere, perhaps without you even realizing it, it’s going to happen.

You will meet your true love. At exactly the time that you are both ready for each other; and not one moment before.





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