The Art of Honesty in Dating and Relationships

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honesty in dating

Laurie Gerber is an expert on the art of honesty in dating and relationships. She even gave a TEDx talk on the subject of lying!

Passionate about personal development and the art of honesty in dating and relationships, Laurie Gerber has been coaching individuals and groups for over 15 years. As Head Coach at Handel Group® Life Coaching, she teaches people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams through live events, one-on-one coaching, online coaching courses, as a writer, on radio, and in frequent TV appearances on MTV, A&E, Dr. Phil Show, and the TODAY show.

In Episode #398: The Art of Honesty in Dating and Relationships:

  • What it means to author one’s life
  • Is it ever okay to lie in a relationship?
  • How honest should you be when you’re getting to know someone?
  • What are the 3 H’s of dating?

The Art of Honesty in Dating and Relationships

Let’s talk about spiritual integrity. What does it mean to ‘author one’s life’?

It’s about our philosophical beliefs. We have everything to do with our alignment. It’s about the internal factors. Being the author of my life changed everything I could achieve in my life.

Tell us a little about your Tedx talk and why you chose your topic.

We picked that topic because it’s one of the key reasons why people are unhappy. If we go after a human being’s brand of lies, it unlocks a new level of self-respect. We all lie several times a day. We’re trying to take the shame and stigma out of lying. As soon as you can nail that and bring a sense of humor to it, it sets you free. (Link to the TEDx talk here)

How honest do singles need to be as they’re getting to know each other?

We teach a method for dating and relationships called the 3 H’s; The head, the heart and the ‘hooha’. Most people sell out on one or more of those when they’re dating. Be very specific about your deal breakers and must-haves. If you’re looking for ‘the one’, and you’re in a hurry, and you want to avoid bad dates, take three dates to find out what you need to know before you proceed further.

If your 3 H’s are not all aligned after three dates, say goodbye. Spend a lot of time with the head topics before sharing the heart topics. Date one is chemistry, rapport, banter and the head questions. If the chemistry is there and you feel you want to kiss or more, reveal the heart stuff on date three or four.

So many people won’t find love because they’re embarrassed to share that they have herpes. Love is one of the most important things in our lives. Your one wants you. So own your truth.

Listen to Laurie’s story about her first kiss with her now-husband. He told her the truth about her bad breath in a kind way. Here’s what happened next [26:00] [29:29] Telling the truth in parenting. Admitting when she’s wrong to her kids. And they have feelings parties. They express their feelings and get listened to and feel heard. That’s the first level of truth!

Any final tips for going on your last first date?

Don’t sell out on head, heart, or hooha. See the negative patterns and stop them. Understand what’s unresolved in your family history, and work it out. Articulate what you want. You often only know what you don’t want. Know your destination. Stick to three dates. No sex before monogamy. Be smarter and more efficient. Be on purpose.

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