The Checklist for Identifying Emotionally Unsafe Men

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emotionally unsafe men

If you keep attracting emotionally unsafe men, this video is for you. Learn the signs to look out for before you get hurt again.

Have you ever dated a man who was emotionally unsafe to you? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a checklist to save yourself heartache in the future? Now there is! 

In this video, I reveal my ultimate checklist for identifying emotionally unsafe men.

Your Ultimate Checklist for Identifying Emotionally Unsafe Men


  • Does he call you regularly?
  • Does he ask about you or just talk about himself?
  • Does he take you out regularly?
  • If you live a distance apart, does he go out of his way to meet you, or does he usually ask you to meet him ?
  • Does he frequently cancel plans at the last minute?
  • Does he ask you out at the last minute (aka booty call)?
  • Is he escalating the relationship? (From dating weekly to a few times a week to exclusivity, discussing future plans?)


  • Do you feel secure and safe with him when you’re together AND apart?
  • Do his actions match his words?
  • Do you trust him?
  • Is he accountable and consistent?
  • Does he listen to understand you?


  • Do you feel valued?
  • Do you feel respected and cherished?
  • Does he have your back?
  • Does he treat you with kindness?
  • Does he honor your needs?
  • Does he respect your boundaries – emotional, physical, and sexual?

If you’re ever unclear about where you stand or how much he values and respects you, this man is emotionally unsafe for you. Please don’t excuse his behavior.

No matter how great the chemistry is, no matter how mind-blowing the sex is – even if you THINK you’re in love with him – the bottom line is this man is toxic for you.

Leave him so you can find someone who’s a better match.

Here’s a hard truth: men only treat you poorly if you allow it. If you stop tolerating disrespect, you’ll attract men who respect and value you, and you’ll quickly walk away from those who don’t.

Leave the emotionally unsafe men and make room for someone who wants you to be part of his life…someone who makes you feel loved, safe, and cherished for who you are.

Sometimes it’s hard to see through the smoke and mirrors of the charming men who are emotionally unsafe for you. That’s why it’s helpful to have someone on your side who has clarity and perspective.

I’m that person for you. The voice of  reason. The voice of tough love. The one who says, “Enough already!”, because I care about protecting YOU. I’ve got YOUR back.

When you’ve let go of that toxic bad boy, you’ll finally have the energy, head and heart space to learn the skills to rise up and be a WOMAN OF VALUE with the confidence and self-worth to choose and attract the man you deserve.

If you find it difficult to stop attracting and attaching to men who are toxic to you, I invite you to book a Love Breakthrough Session.

During our 45-minutes together, I will help you accomplish two CRITICAL things:

  1. Uncover the hidden challenges sabotaging your success with men – they are NOT usually “obvious”. They’re under the surface and they’re stopping you cold in your tracks EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  1. Inner renewal and inspiration to meet—and attract—a man who is 100% worthy of you, your time, attention, and love.

Isn’t it time?

Go to and apply for your Breakthrough Session with me today!


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