The Cure for Falling for Potential

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falling for potential

Have you ever caught yourself falling for potential? You meet someone online, you think he could be the one, and you can’t wait to meet. And then…

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re dating online, and you spot a man who seems amazing! He’s handsome, he’s read all the right books, and he also likes the Grateful Dead and hiking! He seems like he could be the perfect match. You exchange a few messages, chat briefly, and the first date is set. “What if I’m about to meet my future husband?” you nervously think as he’s about to enter the restaurant.

And then, you lock eyes. Wait, could that possibly be the same guy? He has less hair than his pictures, and he’s at least four inches shorter. He walks over to give you a hug, and you feel…nothing. You can barely connect in person. The energy is way off. What happened? He looked so promising before you met. And now, you’re disappointed. The date ends, and it’s hard to muster up the energy to go back online and search again.

It’s so easy to fall for a man’s potential. But, it’s important to stop living in fantasy land if you don’t want to lose your sanity. Here’s how to be more realistic and less disappointed in your search for love…

3 Ways to Stop Falling for Potential

  1. Slow down. Be patient and observe as you get to know a man.
  2. Watch for must-haves and red flags right away.
  3. Instant connection is rare. Remember that anyone can SEEM amazing in a profile, through text, or social media. Anyone can say all the right things and sweet talk you. 


Words mean nothing without follow through and consistent action. The ONLY THING that actually counts is how a man SHOWS UP.

Actions + Consistent Behavior always reveals the truth!

Watch the video to learn more, and hear my story about falling for potential.

Have you ever fallen for potential? I want to hear your story. Please comment below!


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