The Evolution of Dating – Infographic

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evolution of dating

This infographic shows the evolution of dating and how technology has influenced how we date in the 21st century.

The evolution of dating? Twenty years ago, people met the old fashioned way—through friends, relatives, or at a dance or other social gathering. You dated people in your immediate social circles. In today’s world of technology, finding love has never been easier or more far-reaching. There are a multitude of apps and websites that promise to introduce you to your next partner. Online dating is the new normal and inevitably, if you are single and not on a dating website or app, you are probably going to have a tough time finding love.

In the past, admitting to using these websites was seen as an act of desperation, but this is not the case any longer. In today’s dating world, most people frequent a number of dating sites and apps as they test the dating waters. It is a highly acceptable practice.

Many view these sites and apps as useful vetting tools for their future partner and if the initial contact online doesn’t go well, you don’t meet up. You see someone you like online, you message them, and if they are initially interested, they will message you back. The next stage can be frustrating, depending on how cautious both parties are and how many other people they are messaging simultaneously. Some will see this as a laborious process before the initial meet, but in today’s world, it’s advisable to be cautious and get to know your match before diving in.

The Evolution of Dating – Infographic

The infographic below from Carvaka Adult Toys in the UK  highlights some interesting statistics about the world of dating today. It shows the timeline of evolution and the controversies that have been associated with dating today. It highlights some of the dating sites and apps available for different segments, and it gives an insight into what dating might be like in the not-so-distant future as it continues to evolve with the assistance of technology. Check it out and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

evolution of dating


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