The Future of Live Streaming and Dating

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My podcast guest, Geoff Cook, spoke about the future of live streaming and dating apps. Learn ways to make dating fun on the apps using live streaming.

My podcast guest, Geoff Cook, joined me for an interesting conversation on the future of lives streaming and dating apps. He is a serial entrepreneur, and CEO of The Meet Group. It started as a single brand, which Geoff grew to over $30 million in revenue before merging with a public company in a $100 million deal. Since then, Geoff has led the company to acquire four additional social apps — GROWLr for $11.8 million. Andreessen Horowitz backed Skout for $55 million, Tagged for $60 million, and LOVOO for $70 million.

The Future of Live Streaming and Dating

How is the coronavirus affecting the dating industry? Affecting your apps?

The hallmark of the virus has been social distancing. Right away, we noticed the increase of live streaming on the dating platforms. It was a replacement for real life interaction. Risk free socializing. Every day, more than 1 million people are on our live streaming services. It hasn’t spiked down as the virus restrictions are letting up.

Video streaming helps people suss out fraud. The virus is pulling the future forward. We’ve learned so much in three months.

What’s the data on the increase in relationships over the past few months?

We saw a lot of fear in the beginning. Now, we’re seeing a pretty strong increase in willingness to date in person in the next thirty days.

What’s the future of live streaming and dating?

The future is having video dating help you decide who to date. It’s good for filtering out bad first dates. It gives you a sense of someone’s personality, voice, and whether they’re in good health. 

In the future, you’ll see that every dating app adds video in some form or another. We continue to innovate. You’ll see more dating games. Something happens on video that leads to something in the real world. Tinder is talking about adding video dating.

If you can add context to dating, the connection goes way up. Like what kind of vacation you prefer. My sense is the dating landscape has been defined by profiles getting richer. Hinge and Bumble have a lot of conversation starters. They’re meant to give you a better sense of a person. Video is in the same vein, but richer than the profile. 

Why would someone use the live streaming feature on the dating apps vs. going to FaceTime or Zoom?

For some, it’s about privacy. For others, it’s about the features of the live streaming. We turn users into the star of their own mini dating game. We have a version of speed dating, with viewers who rate the contestant. It’s called Next Date. If they tap the next button, they go to the next person in the queue. If they press the date button, they connect with that person.

We just launched a feature called ‘Blind Date’. Instead of seeing that person, they’re blurred out. It forces the person to have a meaningful conversation. If they tap the ‘date’ button, they reveal the person. There’s dramatically higher date button pressing. It’s more fun. Instead of reacting to the way someone looks, having banter affects how a person looks to you.

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